Silva opens as favorite in potential rematch with Weidman


Although Anderson Silva was adamant in post-fight interview that he was uninterested in a rematch with Chris Weidman, that didn't stop odds makers in setting a line for a potential rematch:

Two separate lines saw it that way. made Silva a -175 favorite (he's already been bet up to -185), while listed the Brazilian at -140.

Weidman is a +155 and +100 underdog on the sites, respectively.

Those numbers are among the closest odds in Silva's UFC career; when he fought Dan Henderson in 2008, he closed at -140.

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Despite Silva's initial comments about not wanting a rematch, a report is already surfacing from Brazil that he has changed his mind and is hoping to fight Weidman in February, 2014.

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da Vinci 81 site profile image  

7/10/13 7:43 PM by da Vinci 81

"After a first round that saw Silva win on one judge's scorecard, but Weidman on the other two,"WTF?? Is this actually true? Did one judge really give Silva that first round??

Oddessa site profile image  

7/10/13 7:28 PM by Oddessa

I have no need to be not on the square...or any way to profit from speaking up.. The fight was not fixed and "no individuals or syndicate combined bet $1 million on Weidman" and if anyone  did you wouldnt be seeing it on mma news sites.. it would be thru a monster credit shop...and they sure as fuk wouldn't be talking about it... google the kid from Cantor that got him arrested and in deep shit for fukin with up credit offshore books.. and/or it would be front page every newspaper and people would be in's bullshit.. top to bottom. ...whoever booked it would be in cuffs if in USA..and if it was online..good luck getting paid.. no shot....1 milllion = nonsense reports.. total.

thatcpjguy site profile image  

7/10/13 7:15 PM by thatcpjguy

I think silva missed his chance. He had Chris confused at the end of the first. Chris's confidence now is going to be through the roof and his wrestling game will be too explosive for silva.I'm extremely shocked to see silva as the favorite because weidman is the better all around fighter and silva will be 40 yrs old come fight time.

Immaculata site profile image  

7/10/13 7:09 PM by Immaculata

I'm glad I don't bet on this stuff, I'd go nuts.

Rambo John J site profile image  

7/10/13 7:07 PM by Rambo John J

Regardless of Silvas intentions in 1st fight.Chris should be even money in teh second.I will bet Chris again.As I will bet Rua over SOnnen at +120 till the cows come home.

Rambo John J site profile image  

7/10/13 7:05 PM by Rambo John J

"And no individuals or syndicate combined bet $1 million on Weidman. It's nonsense" Is this guy speculating or does he have a source?Would a man in his position profit from insisting everything was on the level?And Don't call me shirley

Stea1th site profile image  

7/10/13 7:02 PM by Stea1th

People seem to be forgetting the bombs that landed on Silvia's chin when Weidman took him to the ground. I see the 2nd fight going the same way unless Weidman gets clipped.

Oddessa site profile image  

7/10/13 6:53 PM by Oddessa

Anderson Silva already 2-to-1 favorite over Chris Weidman in potential rematch by Matt Erickson on Jul 10, 2013 at 8:00 am ET Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva already is a 2-to-1 favorite over the man who just took his title, Chris Weidman, should a potential rematch happen. Veteran oddsmaker Joey Oddessa on Tuesday confirmed the opening lines with ( Oddessa said the line opened at -175, but within the first few hours already had been bet up to -200 for Silva. Silva (33-5 MMA, 16-1 UFC) put his title on the line against Weidman (10-0 MMA, 6-0 UFC) at this past Saturday's UFC 162. After a first round that saw Silva win on one judge's scorecard, but Weidman on the other two, Silva started the second by continuing a pattern he has shown in the past – trying to bait his opponent in by ducking and dodging and asking Weidman to hit him. But right after getting hit and playing possum, Silva got hit with a Weidman left that put him on the canvas, and a few quick shots on the ground later his 16-fight UFC win streak and 10 middleweight title defenses had gone by the wayside. UFC President Dana White said following the event that he'll be pushing for a rematch – even though Silva said Weidman is the new champion and he doesn't want to fight for the title anymore. A rematch between the two, White said earlier this week, could happen at UFC 168 in Las Vegas this December. "There's nothing much to say – it's pretty simple," said Oddessa, who can be found at @mmaodds on Twitter. "We all watched the first fight and formed different opinions. In the first fight,  Silva didn't fight intelligently. He got caught speeding with his hands down.  If he fights smart in the rematch, he wins. "I love Chris Weidman the man, the champion, the overachiever, the mixed martial artist, and New York wrestling alumni, but I don't like him in the rematch."  Silva was nearly a 3-to-1 favorite at some online sportsbooks for Saturday's fight against Weidman. But even still, in the leadup to the fight, those were the most consistently closeodds for any fight involving him since he fought Dan Henderson at UFC 82 in March 2008. Some talk after the fight centered on a theory that the fight was fixed – that Silva took a dive, considering the way he played around in the octagon, encouraging Weidman to hit him, and the way he talked after the fight, calmly saying Weidman was the new champion and he didn't have interest in fighting for the title anymore. White, of course, said such conspiracy theories are the talk of "f---ing idiots," and Oddessa agrees. "There's been a lot of nonsense talk about fixes," he said. "Those beating that drum sicken me. I'd bet my life against it. The fight wasn't fixed. People look to explain the unexpected by conspiracy theories. No one threw anything except Weidman in the form of a left that landed at a perfect spot, and he put 'The Spider' to sleep. It happens. And no individuals or syndicate combined bet $1 million on Weidman. It's nonsense, just like many of the now debunked Floyd Mayweather wagers."  Silva losing and opening as a favorite over the new champion is not necessarily unusual. When current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre lost his title to Matt Serra at UFC 69, he was a 4-to-1 favorite in the rematch at UFC 83 – and took his title back with relative ease. When B.J. Penn lost his lightweight title to Frankie Edgar at UFC 112, he did so as a 7-to-1 favorite. In the rematch, he came in around -250 – but still lost to Edgar, who went on to hold the title for two fights against Gray Maynard before losing it to current champ Benson Henderson, then losing the rematch, as well. Oddessa said there will be plenty of opinions on both sides of the Weidman-Silva line leading up to the rematch, if it winds up happening. And considering the fight could become one of the biggest in UFC history, most analysts expect it that to be the case. "There are tons of 'what-if's,' but if Silva played around and KO'd Weidman or beat him, people would be calling Weidman overrated," Oddessa said. "Silva's now the media machine's 'overrated.' As usual, hindsight will be 100 percent when they fight again, and everyone will have a strong opinion either way."

Deaf Forever site profile image  

7/10/13 2:08 AM by Deaf Forever

Chris' confidence will be through the roof and clearly the guy is rapidly improving every fight and Anderson potentially has no distinct advantage having been KO'd on the feet. He's also getting very old and might show up looking like Chuck Liddell post Rampage. Chris was a bit cautious in the first round and didn't finish him on the ground like he was expected too. Chael fought and surprised an injured Silva. His best chance was that night in 2010. A healthy and motivated Silva with proper wrestling coaching from Eric Albaccarin (sp) laid waste to him after it was clear Chael couldn't conistently take him down again.

Bucephalus site profile image  

7/10/13 2:02 AM by Bucephalus

Weidman fans better hope that Silva clowns around with his hand at his waist for most of the fight... or it's going to be a very different evening. imo.