Marloes: Cyborg more interesting fight than Rousey


Invicta crowns their first ever featherweight champion this weekend, as former Strikeforce title holder Cris "Cyborg" Santos faces Marloes Coenen in the headline fight for the company's first pay-per-view effort.

The two fought in 2010, with Cyborg getting a second round stoppage, but Coenen is planning a different ending this time.

"When I was fighting her the first time I wasn't doing much of a strength and conditioning program," said Coenen. "Even last year, I was doing it on and off. Now I've really done a lot of strength training. I really feel the difference. I recover faster and I'm way more stronger than I used to be.  I think it will be an interesting fight."

Comparisons with Ronda Rousey are inevitable.

"Quite frankly, if you fight Ronda I know you get a lot of publicity, she'll talk smack or whatever. But to me, on a sporting level, it's way more exciting to fight Cyborg."

"Ronda, if you fight her, it's really good for your PR, you'll get more followers on Twitter, but as an athlete it's way more interesting to fight Cyborg."

"Ronda's an amazing grappler and she's doing great in the media. MMA isn't only about fighting, unfortunately. It's about who wants to see your fight and who is willing to buy the pay-per-view and buy a ticket and come over. With a big mouth she has done an amazing job."

"I don't want to take anything away from Ronda. She's beat up everyone that has been a champion of Strikeforce, and she did it in an amazing way. But the thing is, I think she's too one-dimensional and somebody will pop up and punch her hard in the face and I really want to see what's happening then."

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JJLong site profile image  

7/12/13 2:05 PM by JJLong

People always seem to get this crap wrong.Prior to Cyborg getting popped for PEDs, Ronda said she would eventually like to fight Cyborg. She made the decision to drop to 135lbs after the Julia Budd fight based on the idea of an eventual title unification match between the weights.Cyborg got suspended and the 145lb division and title were dissolved because the only thing keeping them there at the time was her.Later it was in the build up to the Kaufman fight, while Cyborg was still under suspension, that Cyborg called out Ronda for a fight in the parking lot after her fight with Kaufman. Only then did Ronda make the rebuttle challenge by calling out Cyborg in her post-fight promo.And again as I have said just a few posts above this, proponents of WMMA should give Ronda less crap about fighting at 135lbs. From what I gather 135 has a deeper talent pool than that of 145, which negated Dana's criticism of WMMA and ultimately is the reason why WMMA is currently in the UFC. Plus I think 135 is Ronda's optimum weight, she is faster and in better shape without that extra weight on.

BTT-RyannVonDoom site profile image  

7/12/13 12:29 PM by BTT-RyannVonDoom

Who fought at 145 in strikeforce who was talking shit and calling out cyborg.. Yep. Dont let facts get in the way.

PhallicObjekt site profile image  

7/12/13 11:26 AM by PhallicObjekt

Glad to see some people know who the number 1 wmma fighter is.Ronda is a good 135 uf champ. Too bad she will always be in cyborgs shadow.

JJLong site profile image  

7/11/13 9:23 PM by JJLong

Marloes is doing what she should be doing. She is building up her own fight. She isn't going to say that the Rousey fight is more interesting right now because Rousey isn't her opponent.If Rousey was her current opponent, then I guarantee her tune would be very different.It is all part of the fight promotion game, make your own fight seem like the most important. Build up your opponent as a killer, that way when you have beaten them, you beat a killer.And one more thing about Rousey. People complain about her fighting at 135 and wanting the Cyborg fight. Rousey's decision to fight at 135lbs is probably one of the most significant decisions in the advancement of Women's MMA.Dana White's big complaint about WMMA was its lack of depth and that complaint applied greatly to the 145lb division. Rousey moving down to 135lbs drew the attention of the decision makers in UFC to the 135lb division, showing that it was a division that had depth and with Rousey as the star of that division, it was something worth showcasing within the UFC and in a mainstream fashion.Rousey was not content like Cyborg or even Gina to fight at 145lbs and have other girls from lighter weights come up to fight her. She dropped down into a the deeper division.As far as I am concerned, Rousey did more for Women's MMA in one year than Cyborg did in her entire career. And that is not based simply on aesthetic as some people want to point out. I believe Gina was better looking and more marketable than Rousey and yet the UFC didn't sign her.Dana had his chance to invest in Gina when EliteXC folded and he didn't. And I don't want to hear about the fact that Dana was interested in her. Of course he was, she was a star, but his interest obviously didn't go far enough or else she would have been in the UFC. If Dana was interested enough, Gina vs Cyborg would have taken place in the UFC because they would have outbid any other company. But the depth issue was there at the time, which again, Rousey dropping down in weight negated that.And whether people like it or not, the success of Rousey has also led to greater interest in WMMA as a whole. I do not think that there would be as much interest in Invicta as there is if Rousey hadn't broken out as a star.

Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

7/11/13 9:05 PM by Bentleysuper8

Because she was huge. When you are fighting and making weight every other week it would be insane to stay at 135. Ask any fighter if they could maintain their fighting weight for months on end for a tournament circuit. And by the way, why is Ronda the only one who isn't allowed to drop large amounts of weight to fight? It basically standard practice. So to hold Rousey to another standard does not make sense.Anyway, this thread is about Marloes not wanting to get arm barred.

Ten eight round site profile image  

7/11/13 9:00 PM by Ten eight round

That's why everything around him smells fishy

man meets fate site profile image  

7/11/13 8:50 PM by man meets fate

Hell, gina could hardly ever make 145.

man meets fate site profile image  

7/11/13 8:49 PM by man meets fate

Dolce also said he could get jones to 185 and gsp to 155. Getting there and performing to best of your abilities are two different things. Why can't rousey fight her at the weight she has been at the majority of her combat career?

Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

7/11/13 8:18 PM by Bentleysuper8

Jake Shields is exciting!

Ray Elbe site profile image  

7/11/13 9:48 AM by Ray Elbe

Cyborg is the best female fighter in the world