Edward James Olmos kickstarting MMA movie, with Anderson Silva


Want to have a speaking role in "Monday Nights at Seven"? You can with a contribution of $10,000. Want Oscar nominee Edward James Olmos to follow you on Twitter, and get a t-shirt? That is $30.

Olmos will play actor/director Marty Sader's father in the film. His trainer and coach will be played by Anderson Silva in this love story against the backdrop of the MMA world about a widowed father of an 8-year-old daughter seeking love again and redemption.

The team behind the film is seeking to have it funded through Kickstarter.

"What an extraordinary contribution to the arts Kickstarter is," Olmos recently told MMAjunkie.com Radio. "It's a thing where people can give a dollar, $5, $10 and make this art form come to life. It helps support the arts in a way we never could have done before. If you had been a part of giving $10 or $20 to 'Raging Bull' or 'Rocky' or 'Stand and Deliver,' one of my pictures, you'd say, 'Wow – I was able to help in the creation of this piece of work.' That becomes something so special to the people involved.

"Their participation helped make this a possibility. That's what's happening here with 'Monday Nights at Seven.' It's been phenomenal. There are $2.8 million worth of rewards for people to choose from, and we're looking for $500,000 to get the film done and made."

"We're not trying to use this as a gimmick for the director, a first-time fighter going into the ring. It's part of the dream Marty has had, and he's been training four or five years and been doing extremely well. The outcome, no one's going to know. At the end, he's got to go fight. He's going to go into the ring."

"It's a beautiful love story between a man trying to understand who is is, and he's a widower trying to raise his daughter. It's the triumph of moving past the obstacles life has given him. One of the things he's given is the chance to have love again in his life, and a chance to live his dream and go into the cage. And he goes into the cage in the end – and the exciting part is he's going in for real. That's one of the reasons the studio can't really take a part in it. This guy really wants to go in and fight."

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spliff site profile image  

7/17/13 9:31 AM by spliff

I just thought there's no way i can get into a show that's on scifi. was expecting shitty special effects/acting. was wrong. already on season 3

Kirik site profile image  

7/17/13 9:22 AM by Kirik

Cool vid :-)

GregNoActionJackson site profile image  

7/17/13 9:19 AM by GregNoActionJackson

I was hesitant to get into that thinking it was going to be super geeky. I was wrong, great fraking show

BanjaCop site profile image  

7/17/13 8:07 AM by BanjaCop

Frack that

spliff site profile image  

7/17/13 7:41 AM by spliff

weird i just started watching battlestar galactica last week.. dunno why i never got into it earlier

Bootsy Collins site profile image  

7/17/13 6:54 AM by Bootsy Collins

Soo.....was Anderson a replicant or what?

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

7/17/13 12:29 AM by tres_equis_666

He finally figured out a better way to reach those keeeds

A.Muradyan site profile image  

7/16/13 11:32 PM by A.Muradyan

marty sparring Machidahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHOaBnXVPgYactinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTivBkaOjd4if a blue would help please

UGCTT_Song2 site profile image  

7/16/13 11:28 PM by UGCTT_Song2

It dies sound pretty awesome. The films ending is based on a legit fight. Unless I read that wrong

A.Muradyan site profile image  

7/16/13 11:18 PM by A.Muradyan

Marty has legit skills, and knowing how much he loves martial arts and acting, I would love for this to be made. This is so awesome.