White: Performance bonuses here to stay


There has been an extended discussion within the UFC, and the fan base, as to whether there should be a pay raise for entry level fighters, paid for by shuttering the 'Of The Night' performance bonuses, as well as dscretionary 'locker room' bonuses.

In an interview during today’s media conference call for UFC on Fox 8: Johnson vs. Moraga, MMASucka.com asked UFC president Dana White if there was a possibility of future UFC contracts being broken up into show money, win money, and finish money while doing away with the 'OTN' bonuses,.

“No," said White. "After I talked about looking at what we’re doing with the bonuses, the fighters all made it clear that they want to keep the post-fight bonuses and the discretionary bonuses.”

What do you think UG?


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Chromium site profile image  

7/18/13 5:35 AM by Chromium

You say "they can write 90% of that off" like they don't have to pay for it. The fact that they aren't getting taxed until after taxes is a pretty meaningless statement, they're still making a pretty shit wage. Not to mention that the lowest tier fighters, who usually fight on Facebook and Fuel, don't get nearly the same sort of sponsor deals as main card fighters and once again that is on the UFC and their sponsor tax (which is actually more of a draconian fixed fee than a tax; a tax would be proportional to what the sponsors are paying the fighters at least). $3000 in sponsorships has been reported to be a high-end amount for a Facebook match, and Fuel TV (soon to be Fox Sports 2) isn't a huge step up apparently. If the UFC wants to do a sponsor tax, make it an actual tax and not this gigantic fee and make it proportional to what the fighters are getting. Do a 15% tax or something, with minimum amounts per fighter per fight (depending on Facebook, FS1, PPV, etc.), and the UFC can still reserve the right to blacklist sponsors that they feel are lying about what they're paying fighters.

Thacommish site profile image  

7/18/13 5:10 AM by Thacommish

"My solution would be for everyone to shut the fuck up about pay"Thats not a point at all."So far the formula has been, the UFC makes more money, the fighters make more money."Can you write this formula out and show how fighter pay has grown proportionately to ufc earning money? Im actually curious to know these things, and i feel like people like you who say people like me who are curious should "shut the fuck up about pay" i feel like that gets in the way of either of our sides actually finding any factual information. Now what does that solve?

time traveling 12er site profile image  

7/18/13 4:07 AM by time traveling 12er

It's not my solution. My solution would be for everyone to shut the fuck up about pay and hope the next tv contract is big enough to where fighters will get big league pay. So far the formula has been, the UFC makes more money, the fighters make more money. When you're already in the highest paying league around, one that's actively trying to push the sport forward, one that has been raising pay every year, simmer down and stop counting other peoples money. Particularly when you don't know what goes into paying for the infrastructure that provides them a venue to make the apparently pathetic money that they do already get.Bellator makes a fraction of the money? Really? Why's that? I was under the impression that MMA just pours money into bank accounts. Zuffa just sits at the top and does jack shit while stealing everyones money. So maybe it's not that simple and easy to make money in MMA huh? Perhaps people should consider that before looking at some vague idea of how much Zuffa makes and crying about it. How about this, if those fighters on Bellator would be getting overpaid by Bellator if they raised their pay, how does it make sense that those same level fighters in the UFC are suddenly underpaid... when they get paid more! Bellator lower end fighters get 5k, raise it to 8k and "they're overpaid!" UFC lower end fighters 8k with health insurance "It's like slavery!" With the UFC you hear "every fighter needs to pay tons of money to their fight camps!" "They need to feed their kids!" But apparently if you're in Bellator all of a sudden no one gives a shit about you and what you pay for and how many jobs you need. Bellator is a little guy. Boo hoo. Spike doesn't care enough about the fighters to increase the shows budget. That's cool. But fuck the UFC right up it's asshole for paying more.Zuffa lost tons of money at the beginning. History would show that losing money to drive the business may be necessary in the beginning of an MMA promotion. So why shouldn't Bellator/Viacom spend more in the short term in order to gain a larger market share in the long term? They can certainly afford it can't they? Oh right, because Viacom doesn't actually give a shit about MMA and where it's going. Same with the whiney fans that can't see past the disclosed pay from card to card.I'm sorry but seeing Bellator as some struggling underdog fight promotion is a fantasy. It's a viacom product which is controlled by Spike. It's a show for them. They pay jack shit and don't offer insurance because they don't have to. No one cares that they underpay because they're still under the impression that it's some independent league. They're not going to go out of business, they'll get cancelled. Even if the ratings pick up and everyone loves them, they can still get cancelled if some exec decides he's bored with it or if the exec that brought Bellator in leaves Viacom. If it takes off there's never going to be a massive TV deal that makes the fighters there rich because Viacom already owns the channel. They'll just pay whatever the UFC was paying.Tell me how it makes sense for a company that already pays the most to pay more? Just that simply. They offer the best benefits, they offer the best exposure, they offer the best pay. Pay is going up, benefits are going up.

12 site profile image  

7/18/13 1:59 AM by 12

I wouldn't have a problem with the pay if zuffa didn't go out of the way to keep wages low.when hendo left ,dana said he wasn't worth the money,old and washed up.well dana's paying more then he wanted to now. dana was willing to spend 35 million to keep the wages dn ,whats to like about that?

mrwhipple site profile image  

7/18/13 12:54 AM by mrwhipple

So your point, your solution, is that a promotion that brings in a fraction of the revenue that the UFC does should pay more than them to drive up wages? Under that logic we should be complaining about what the UFC paid back before TUF because if we're basing it on net worth in non MMA related industries and not the revenue its generating, the Fertittas were still very rich. But that would be silly right? Because the last thing a promoter wants to do is overpays otherwise they'll go the way of Affliction, which seems to be what you're advocating for Bellator (it wouldn't though make the UFC go out of business, since they're profit margins are so large) As someone else said it's likes arguing that the AAA Omaha Storm Chasers, because they're owned by Warren Buffet, should pay more than the Chicago Cubs. Think how silly that sounds.The reason people want to see the UFC pay more is because their profits alone are several times that of Bellators total revenue.

IIAces site profile image  

7/17/13 9:33 PM by IIAces

They can write 90% of that off. Plus they get sponsor money. Win a few fights, bring it, and put on a good performance. A lot of the new contracts have been structured like the TUF ones, as in each fight pay goes up slightly.

JerodR site profile image  

7/17/13 5:41 PM by JerodR

To the hardcore fan you just made a great card. To the casual fan you just blew through 10.68 million, plus travel, hotels, advertising, PPV cuts, stadium costs, setup, insurance, and much more to sell out about 1/3 of Cowboys Stadium. There is a whole lot more to that business than just paying the fighters. If it was only about big paydays and a few old school names, people like Affliction would still be here.

Beast of America site profile image  

7/17/13 5:29 PM by Beast of America

Boom travler just ended this thread and debate in the sport. Nice work

UGCTT_red_nose site profile image  

7/17/13 5:11 PM by UGCTT_red_nose

Mix6 - This is one hell of a card. Provided that you can get everyone signed, through physicals and to the card uninjured.... well I'd imagine that you would have to spend at least the same amount as the purse in advertising fees to get the average joe to take notice....That means advertising $$$ spent on NFL, NASCAR, & WWE spotsWhen was the last time that you purchased a card from a startup org. Granted none of them have had the same fights that you planned out... but still

Thacommish site profile image  

7/17/13 4:55 PM by Thacommish

" Just pointing out that one company is larger and is somehow not expected to pay more. The childlike logic of "they can afford it, they should pay more" should apply to both orgs no? Or is it suddenly not child like when applied to the UFC?"Blows my mind that you dont understand this, when people say ufc can afford to pay more they are saying this based on how well the UFC does, its dominance of the market, the revenue it itself generates. When you mention viacom you are ignoring all those points, its the equivalent of someone saying "hey zuffa has station casinos, they should pay fighters with station casinos!" and there in lies the problem with your logic.