Henderson denied exemption for TRT at UFC 161


The Winnipeg Manitoba Boxing Commission today revealed that all drug tests came back clean and that no fighters were granted therapautic use exemptions, which is interesting considering Dan Henderson had previously been given one for TRT in other juridstictions:

According to an email received by Bleacher Report from the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission, who oversaw the June 15 event, a total of 10 fighters from the card were tested and all returned with negative results.

There were a total of 22 fighters competing that night, so just under half were drug tested by the commission.

In addition to the drug test results, the commission also verified that no fighters on the UFC 161 fight card received a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) prior to the event. TUEs are given to fighters for a number of medical reasons, most notably known in MMA for competitors who use testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

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meco24 site profile image  

7/17/13 1:36 PM by meco24

Who determines the range? What is the range? How much of a difference is there from top to bottom of the range?

MMAOutsider site profile image  

7/17/13 12:15 PM by MMAOutsider

In fairness to them, I doubt they actually read any of it. So the stupidity is understandable.

arnanderson site profile image  

7/17/13 9:51 AM by arnanderson

Where does it say he even applied for an exemption.LOL at Kirik and UG News. What a joke they are

Stipe site profile image  

7/17/13 9:46 AM by Stipe

Whoa.That's really lame on their part.

AlbertEinstein site profile image  

7/17/13 9:29 AM by AlbertEinstein

The funny part is people saying how he looked softer in the fight due to the lack of trt.

Ansari site profile image  

7/17/13 9:05 AM by Ansari


Authority Figure site profile image  

7/17/13 9:04 AM by Authority Figure


Authority Figure site profile image  

7/17/13 8:58 AM by Authority Figure

It's only dangerous if he continues to train and fight like a 20 year old. If he were to stop, he'd be fine. Many a man before him, since the beginning of time managed without TRT. He can join the ranks.   Funny part is that none of us are chemists. It might be 20 years before we really know what TRT does to men. For all we know, it increases the likelihood of prostate cancer.

thejoeyapps site profile image  

7/17/13 8:19 AM by thejoeyapps

Hmm... So there is nothing there saying he was denied. Let's assume he didn't apply, why would he suddenly not apply? Has he fought on TRT since the UFC started their own testing during training? If not and he didn't apply then that doesn't look good on Hendo. Did he need it in the first place? Did he just use it during training and not tell the UFC to avoid the testing? There isn't enough information. This is all speculation of course.

fanat site profile image  

7/17/13 6:43 AM by fanat

It's a good start.