Bitter Twitter Bicker: Roy Nelson vs. Cage Fighter owner


Roy Nelson recetnly made a comment to Daniel Cormier on Twitter to get his money from sponsor Cage Fighter up front, as Big Country alleges they owe fighters money.

In response, Cage Fighter founder Mike DiSabato goes off on Nelson, who remains pretty calm.

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma
@CF_Athletic @danawhite So you still owe fighters money, not cool @dc_mma watch out get your money up front

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
Founder CF Athletic - Cage Fighter, Core Synergy AND MMA Elite Brands
@roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic @danawhite @dc_mma FAT, UGLY & STUPID is no way to go thru life FAT MAN

Kale Havervold ‏@KaleHavervold
@CageFighterMike @CF_Athletic @roynelsonmma @danawhite @dc_mma wow that's pretty pathetic even for a blatantly obvious scumbag like you.

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@KaleHavervold @CF_Athletic @roynelsonmma @danawhite @dc_mma who are you KALE ?... your race a car or something

Kale Havervold ‏@KaleHavervold
@CageFighterMike @roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic @danawhite @dc_mma you look like someone spray tanned the back of my knee and put eyes on it.

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@KaleHavervold @roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic @danawhite @dc_mma - keyboard courage I see KALE - you like being Roy Nelson's b----? sounds fun

Kale Havervold ‏@KaleHavervold
@CageFighterMike @CF_Athletic @roynelsonmma really good comeback. That's funny, I didn't know a pile of dough with eyes could talk??

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@KaleHavervold @CF_Athletic @roynelsonmma tell me when and where you would like to prove your manhood KALE

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma
@CageFighterMike @CF_Athletic @danawhite @dc_mma WOW!! so did you pay the fighters? OR are we doing MAMMA jokes. "because your ugly"

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic @danawhite @dc_mma you are such a wise biz man - how did your last "bet" on yourself go?

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma
@CageFighterMike @CF_Athletic @dc_mma actually pretty good, I got a record more $ so pretty good, how do U judge success, not paying people?

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic @dc_mma I judge success by not being a JOKE.... And perhaps you should get your facts straight fat man

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic @dc_mma we work with athletes ... not a Kimbo Slice wanna be

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma
@CageFighterMike @CF_Athletic @dc_mma Way 2 represent the wrestling community, Mamma jokes again, We can spar just need waiver, FAT GUY WAR

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic @dc_mma what you represent Roy ... morons ... uncle Dana got you pegged right

Larry Bird ‏@ChronicVisionz
@CageFighterMike @roynelsonmma @CF_Athletic wait I remember who this guy is now he is the dude that ripped off @danhendo lmao what a fraud

Mike DiSabato @CageFighterMike
@ChronicVisionz and u and Ur 24 followers actually have a clue dbag "Larry bird" .... Go choke on another set of athlete balls loser lol wow


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Recent Comments »

Fighttrader site profile image  

7/19/13 6:09 PM by Fighttrader

We all know how an escrow works but reality is most even very good sponsors won't go for this.

Mike Russell site profile image  

7/19/13 5:50 PM by Mike Russell

Alden Halpern.

fundafighterrob site profile image  

7/19/13 2:10 PM by fundafighterrob

At fundafighter we can put it in our escrow account and only release funds when terms of the contract are met, but at the very least the sponsor proved they had the money by putting it up before hand and doing it through PayPal makes the transaction quite smooth even if a refund is in order

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/19/13 2:06 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Dana White is an owner of the UFC and he goes on Twitter to "talk shit". Or here with the famous, "Fuck you and your dollar" line. Obviously Dana doesn't owe people money. But the question of what business owner would conduct himself in such a way gets answered when it's MMA and his likely inspiration is the face of the largest company. These MMA clothing guys all think they are like Dana so it's clear to see why they act this way. Think of it like Adrien Broner trying to act like Floyd Mayweather and you'll see all these guys doing just that as they trot out their best Dana impression.

Michael Chase site profile image  

7/19/13 1:54 PM by Michael Chase

It's things like this that make me question why we have survived as a species when grown men are so immature and unintelligent.

NorthernIrishZombie site profile image  

7/19/13 1:47 PM by NorthernIrishZombie

Haha, I just noticed this is now UG Blog news. And I get voted down for making the thread! I love this site!

XIITT_Bozy site profile image  

7/19/13 1:43 PM by XIITT_Bozy


GSP24 site profile image  

7/19/13 1:42 PM by GSP24

CF have a phone number? Maybe a UG bomb is in order.

JStrongMMA site profile image  

7/19/13 12:52 PM by JStrongMMA

My iq dropped 20 points after reading that Twitter exchange.

cdmontgo site profile image  

7/19/13 12:51 PM by cdmontgo

Wow, this guy seems like a huge scumbag. No point in buying what he is selling.