Coach: 'Showtime' kick a fluke


Anthony Pettis first fougth Benson Henderson for the final WEC lightweight title in a grueling back and forth five round decision, however, the only moment people remember is the 'Showtime' kick. Anthony Pettis jumped off the cage wall and landed a flush kick to Henderson that sent him to the mat, but Henderson's coach doesn't believe the kick was as spectacular as most think:

"It was a fluke," he said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "It's like getting caught with a punch. All the best fighters have lost, you know what I mean? How many times has Anderson Silva seen the Ryo Chonan heel hook? How many times is he going to see Chris Weidman catching him with that hook? If you're great, if you compete with the best people in the sport, you are going to have an unfortunate moment at some point. And they're going to replay it and talk about it, but it's just another moment. It’s one speck of time. There was 24 minutes and 59 seconds of that fight that still went on.

"The thing that I remember about the 'Showtime Kick' or whatever you want to call it, is that Ben got up and was on a single leg to finish the fight," he continued. "He was going to get that single. He was getting that takedown. It there's 15 more seconds, Anthony's on his back."

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ironyuppie site profile image  

7/24/13 1:54 AM by ironyuppie

Here is the video of JDS practicing the Showtime Kick:

Deputy Porker site profile image  

7/23/13 8:23 PM by Deputy Porker

Damn if cowboy didn't have such a good jaw we would all be talking about the show time knee right now

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

7/23/13 8:11 PM by FixedPartialArts

It's ironic to hold Pettis up to anyone else's standards for striking diversity when he's landed numerous strikes nobody else has in major MMA, i.e.: Showtime kick, Showtime knee, turning back kick to body off cage (Guida), martelo (Roller), fake leg to jump front kick (Karalexis), etc. And he'll only continue to land more as he gets the rounds in. That wheel kick vs. Cerrone was wicked fast, slapped him in the face, and would have been a bad ko if Cerrone didn't hit him w/ a knee to the body at the same time. The tornado and break dance kicks weren't far off. Maybe it'd be fluky for other fighters, but not Pettis. Ed West tried the Showtime kick against a vastly inferior opponent to Bendo and ended up like 10 feet away from his target. Pettis has a plethora of exotic strikes, and he also knows how to set them up so they land a decent amount of time and to where he isn't punished when he misses. It's a great asset psychological edge for him that his opponent doesn't know what he'll do next, and if he doesn't land the Showtime kick, then maybe it's one of the other flashy moves. Pettis didn't need the flash anyways against Bendo the 1st time. He was winning b4 the kick.

ChucoV site profile image  

7/23/13 8:06 PM by ChucoV


Immaculata site profile image  

7/23/13 7:50 PM by Immaculata

Lol at that being a fluke.

js138 site profile image  

7/23/13 7:40 PM by js138

Am i crazy or did mods delete posts in this thread?

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

7/23/13 6:51 PM by ChaosOverkill

  I'm not disagreeing but I can't put any of those guys on a pedestal over the other, all based on they same way they play the game and their corners act in the fight. Everything is about "You're ahead", and I'm not speaking specifically to you, you seem like you have a much better perspective than most about all of this, but by defintion a fighter is point fighting the minute the fight is about being ahead and not about the finish and it's usually given away by the their corners after the first round.     You and I are in the minority here, I have never complained about a GSP fight or Edgar fight or Benson fight, but now theres fanboyist sides of this where "Benson is a killer" and vastly different than how Edgar or GSP fight. GSP pushes the pace in his own way and is just as happy as Edgar or Benson and vice versa to edge out a vicotry with one mode of attack, rinse and repeat. It has no basis in being a wrong way to fight, but speaking to the people who think one of the three does something different with the belt are wrong as I see and nothing will change that for me.

js138 site profile image  

7/23/13 3:42 PM by js138

This is the single most incorrect and full display of going "full retard" I've seen on this forum.

Large Fun Bags site profile image  

7/23/13 2:37 PM by Large Fun Bags

I wild each it?

bjws site profile image  

7/23/13 1:29 PM by bjws

This seems excessive given minus the kick, Henderson had won that first fight wit Pettis.