Stephan Bonnar calls out Tito Ortiz over HoF snub


The Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar fight at the close of the first season on TUF is widely considered to be the most important bout in the modern era of the UFC. However, retired former UFC lightheavyweight champion Tito Ortiz was publicly critical of the UFC's decision to induct Bonnar into the UFC Hall of Fame along with Griffin.

"As far as Stephan, I have nothing against the guy, but you've got to be a world champion, I think, to be in the Hall of Fame," said Ortiz. "That's a big honor to be in the Hall of Fame. It means you had a significance in the sport at one time or another. You look at that, and the Forrest and Stephan fight was a big step for the UFC, so do they deserve it? Possibly. But can one fight get you in the Hall of Fame? I don't know."

"Are you going to call out Tito," the also retired Stephan Bonnar was asked.

"I'm going to call it how it is," replied Bonnar. "I'm going to help him out. We all know Tito is broke. We all know Jenna took his money. His punishment clothing, the only people I see wearing that are homeless people. His management company ***laughs*** he's not banking any money there. So I'm going to help the poor guy get paid."


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JOSH1 site profile image  

7/25/13 8:19 AM by JOSH1

Love your work Cindy O BTW I wonder Id Dana would consider this match up in the future?

time traveling 12er site profile image  

7/25/13 12:42 AM by time traveling 12er

Wait, so everyone in the hof is equal now? lol. Face it, he's there for something other than his fight career. He was involved in one of the most important moments in the UFC and the UFC chose to honor him for it.

ThickS0lid N Right site profile image  

7/25/13 12:19 AM by ThickS0lid N Right

Horrible fight? Riiight... Dunno what you were watching not all good fights are pretty . That was an awesome fight

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

7/25/13 12:17 AM by Jons Forsberg

remember the excitement on Goldie's voice. "this IS... the ultimate fighting championship".

drrilll site profile image  

7/25/13 12:14 AM by drrilll

I think what made the fight entertaining was they both had tremendous heart. Sometimes that matters more than technically adept people who are fighting a safe fight not to lose.

ssj site profile image  

7/25/13 12:05 AM by ssj

thiswhere is FRANK SHAMROCK's HOF induction

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/24/13 3:27 PM by SKARHEAD

And Bonnar vs Griffin was a HORRIBLE fight....Just a sloppy slap fest between 2 guys that never had a hope of Koing or submitting one another. I found the fight embarrassing for skilled combat sport....the level of skill was atrocious...honestly tried to watch it 3 times and could never finish it. The rematch was even worse.Anyone that thinks this sloppy bush league fight is HOF material is no fan of the sport, has never trained, and is a complete NOOB who would be willing to give Dana a lap dance if he asked. LOL @ Bonnar and Forrest's fight eclipsing Frank Shamrock's UFC career.....and the fact that the ONLY reason dana won't mention Frank in HOF contenion is because of very VERY petty personal reasons let's us all know that the UFC HOF isn't legit on ANY level and that this "sport" isn't really a sport at all...It's Dana's little playpen where he picks and chooses the stars, but promotes HIMSELF most of all.The biggest star in the UFC ? Uncle fester, Dana himself..You know, the mean mugging "BADASS" you all love...The man who put HIMSELF on the cover of UFC magazine issue # 1

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/24/13 3:19 PM by SKARHEAD

UFC HOF is a complete Joke...Bonnar in...Mask in...Frank Shamrock ?

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/24/13 3:18 PM by SKARHEAD

LOL @ Cyndi O shilling hard for Dana and his petty bullshit...AGAIN.Do you EVER disagree with anything Dana has ever done ? Or is he perfect and can do no wrong ?You actually think Bonnar in the HOF is legit while Frank Shamrock isn't even mentioned (because of dana's PETTY immature vendetta against him) ?? What's bonnar's record ? Who has he ever beaten ? He lost to Coleman....and got popped TWICE, effectively ending in his retirement. You think this HOF entry is legit while Frank is not even mentioned ??Really ?

BigTedBear site profile image  

7/24/13 1:54 PM by BigTedBear

How would some of you feel about other retired fighters Serra and Lytle for example. If Goldie had retired after his health problems would he be in for his contributions to the company.