Machida: It's not right for Cormier to 'cut the line'


During today's UFC 163 media conference call Lyoto Machida expressed himself about Daniel Cormier potentially cutting in line at 205, and getting a title shot, should be get past Roy Nelson on Aug 3.

“I believe that there’s a ranking and it should be followed,” said 'The Dragon'. "There are a lot of guys in line right now in the weight class to fight for a title. I’ve been waiting in line. There’s Glover Teixeira, there’s Phil Davis, so there’s a lot of guys in there in the mix.

“If he’s going to move down to 205, he’s going to need to put a couple of fights in, or at least have a significant win in a big fight. I don’t think it’s right for him to just come in and cut the line.  I think he’s going to have to show that he deserves that title shot."

Machida, currently on a two-fight roll since losing to Jon Jones in late 2011, fights Phil Davis at UFC 163 on Aug. 3. 

What do you think UG? If the undefeated Daniel Cormier beats Roy Nelson at heavyweight, can he cut the line at 205?

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Dogman site profile image  

7/28/13 10:38 AM by Dogman

LOL @ just wow!

BshMstr site profile image  

7/28/13 9:43 AM by BshMstr

how do you know that?he might be faster in a sprint (due to carrying less weight), but losing bodyfat won't magically make him stronger. and his cardio might not improve as well, as he won't be able to eat as much to fuel his current workouts, which are what actually develop his endurance.or maybe it's all psychological for him.... he cut weight at the highest level for years, and if he feels he doesn't need to do so to remain competitive (which he clearly doesn't), then why should he? for abs?

SquishyCheeks site profile image  

7/27/13 5:49 PM by SquishyCheeks

He's about 35lbs away from being in danger of suffering the negative side effects of low body-fat... If he went to any random general practitioner, the doctor would recommend that he lose some weight.Feel like I'm taking crazy pills arguing with people who think black Fedor is trim and petite. You think Big Country is lean and toned? Just curious...

Prodigy punk site profile image  

7/27/13 5:17 PM by Prodigy punk

Who gives a shit ?! Bones would wreck Cormier's ass , easily ! I think Big Country puts him to sleep anyway

tjmitchiscool site profile image  

7/27/13 5:12 PM by tjmitchiscool

The man who was basically handed the title shot due to lack of valid competitors is wants to see Cormier vs Jones, stop the whining lyoto

armbarseverywhere site profile image  

7/27/13 5:06 PM by armbarseverywhere

The human body at peak performance is supposed to have a decent amount of body fat. It reads signals that tell it to go into a catabolic state when BF% is too low..Cutting that BF will trigger those signals and thus send DC into a state of battling catabolism.Cholesterol = anabolic.

SquishyCheeks site profile image  

7/27/13 4:55 PM by SquishyCheeks

"It is impossible to lose THAT much fat and not have the body react to the drastic weight cut without trying to spare the fat and begin cutting into the muscle"Based on nothing. You have no idea what you're talking about. You apparently think the only way to drop fat is by starving yourself.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/27/13 4:50 PM by SKARHEAD

You must not know how the human body operates. It is impossible to lose THAT much fat and not have the body react to the drastic weight cut without trying to spare the fat and begin cutting into the muscle....He will in no way be stronger than he is now....LOL @ that.He will be weaker, smaller, and less powerful for sure.

SquishyCheeks site profile image  

7/27/13 4:42 PM by SquishyCheeks

Machida is an amazing phenomenal fighter, and he's got a great chance against DC.DC is better.

36 VS 14 site profile image  

7/27/13 4:33 PM by 36 VS 14

mashida is lucky to be alive.Jones was about to kill him before the reff stopped the fight.retire is his only option.