Rousey: Only diehards want Cyborg fight


“I have a lot of things going on,” Rousey said. “She’s fighting random chicks. I mean, Marloes -- it took her longer and more energy to beat Marloes than it took Miesha (in July 2011).

“It’s only the MMA diehards that want to see that fight. I have so many things going on. If she really wants to make that fight happen, I’m here.”

UFC president Dana White told reporters he has had no recent contact with Justino or her manager, former UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz.

“I have not heard from her manager,” White said. “I have not seen any press conferences. So, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on with Cyborg.”

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EddieBravo site profile image  

7/31/13 4:09 PM by EddieBravo

This is all part of the build up/set up.Ronda vs Cyborg will happen and it's gonna have the biggest numbers in UFC history :-)

CRMartin11 site profile image  

7/31/13 2:12 PM by CRMartin11

Stop arguing over weight. Ronda used to fight at 145, that's where she fought at when she initially challenged Cyborg! Ronda should agree to 140. Only reason not to is because she is scared.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/31/13 2:00 PM by SKARHEAD

LOL, actually you're compleyely wrong.The taller heavier man OBVIOUSLY has more mass, reach, height, and natural leverage. the shape of his body or how the mass is distributed doesnt matter...manny Gamburyan is not "bigger" than Anderson Silva.

CRMartin11 site profile image  

7/31/13 1:44 PM by CRMartin11

Any true fan of the sport knows Ronda ducked Cyborg back in Strikeforce. After calling Cyborg out for months and fighting at 145, she ducked and moved to 135.

CRMartin11 site profile image  

7/31/13 1:43 PM by CRMartin11

aka "only true fans of the sport want to see me fight her"

mark of the wolf site profile image  

7/31/13 1:09 PM by mark of the wolf

no, Cris wants to beat Ronda's ass because Ronda talks astronomical bullshit about her. And as far as talking we hardly hear an interview from Cris,and when we do it's mostly about training and looking forward to her next fight. Ronda is the one who can't keep Cris name out her mouth, Cris is quite content to stay and fight at 145 a weightclass she has ALWAYS fought at..unlike someone we know. It's a good thing both women are professionals because the way Ronda runs her mouth that's the type of person in the real world you would beat their ass on sight on grounds of running your mouth and not backing it up.

Bat21 site profile image  

7/31/13 12:43 PM by Bat21

Okay, so Cryborg has no championship aspirations and simply wants to beat up a smaller fighter - who happens to be a champion - so she can...what...feel good about herself again? She needs to face a few facts, those being that Rousey is the newly minted 135lb champion and there are other 135ers that deserve a chance at beating her and making their dreams come true, so Cryborg is going to have to stand in line and wait for her superfight if she continues to insist she can't make 135. And that's only if Rousey agrees to fight her at an elevated weight, which I seriously doubt she'll do. Seriously, anything that comes out of Cryborg's mouth lately sounds very desperate and pathetic, like she knows her best days are behind her now.

Ray Elbe site profile image  

7/31/13 10:46 AM by Ray Elbe

Cyborg is the best p4p fighter in wmma

WarWand9 site profile image  

7/31/13 8:03 AM by WarWand9

Wow what a original post.

georgejonesjr site profile image  

7/31/13 7:48 AM by georgejonesjr

So you believe that Palhares is bigger than Jon Jones? Should, in your opinion, weight divisions be replaced by thicker divisions?