UFC World Tour face off highlights


At yesterday's UFC World Tour face offs, highlighted here by Fight Hub TV, Ronda Rousey offered Miesha Tate her most pointed thoughts, GSP appeared sick of it all while Hendricks was jovial, Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos were business like, and Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson looked like they were about to have a viking battle, until Jones popped and locked sideways.

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T Bag site profile image  

8/1/13 8:09 AM by T Bag

They're a good posterior chain exercise hut they hit upper body as much as lower body and there's no stimulation to the quads. Not even close to squats for lower body development.

AlexinTO site profile image  

8/1/13 7:32 AM by AlexinTO

Sounds like it

Coranamo site profile image  

8/1/13 7:30 AM by Coranamo

You gotta admit though, for how much that bar is bending, those upper legs are fuckin' tinyNigga must be doing like max rep sets of 3

kaiten site profile image  

8/1/13 2:26 AM by kaiten

Wonder if it was a Ronda white knight who voted me down... hop off the chichi.

octowussy site profile image  

7/31/13 11:21 PM by octowussy

Rousey looks like a kid giving someone the finger for the first time. It's the most awkward, tentative middle finger ever given to anyone anywhere. It's excruciating.

YonYones site profile image  

7/31/13 8:21 PM by YonYones

She's totally gonna bang you now

JJLong site profile image  

7/31/13 8:18 PM by JJLong

This just shows how ignorant you are, by using Ali as a shining example of professionalism.Do you even know the effect Ali's antics had on the life of Joe Frazier? The effect it had on Joe Frazier's kids?Ali was using race baiting to build up their fights back in the 70s.

BshMstr site profile image  

7/31/13 8:10 PM by BshMstr

not the i disagree about Rousey acting like a jackass, but Ali was not particularly respectful.... watch the build up to his first fight with Joe Frazier... i used to love Ali until i saw the crap he said to Frazier. he deserved the beating he got that day....

BshMstr site profile image  

7/31/13 8:05 PM by BshMstr

so, deadlifts don't work the legs?oh, wait....

BshMstr site profile image  

7/31/13 8:00 PM by BshMstr

dang, no kidding!glad to see Rhonda putting the "ass" in classy....