TKZ: I've got the best nickname in MMA


Mixed martial arts has a plenty of Pitbulls and Assassins, but only one Korean Zombie. The nickname is so distinctive that nowhere on the poster for Saturday's UFC 163 will you find Chan Sung Jung's actual name.

"I prefer it that way," Jung told MMAJunkie's Ben Fowlkes. "I think it's the best in MMA."

"It's very important to me to put on exciting fights. I like that fighting style and I want to entertain the fans as much as possible. But winning is obviously the most important thing."

"A lot of how I fight is instinctual. Especially in that first Garcia fight, I fought on my instincts, what people describe as the zombie style. After the George Roop fight, I did a lot of thinking about my fighting style. For this fight as well, I've thought a lot about how it's going to unfold. I don't want to give too much away, but I think I've changed."

What do you think UG? Is The Korean Zombie the best nickname in MMA? And how do you think it is going to go Saturday night?

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Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

8/4/13 1:11 AM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

Rory "The Axe Murderer" MacDonald.

Sinful1 site profile image  

8/1/13 4:52 PM by Sinful1

this.Maybe "The Prodigy" 2nd "TKZ" 3rd.

Devlin site profile image  

8/1/13 4:41 PM by Devlin

haha ok, was gunna say its kind of the nicknames point.

T Finley site profile image  

8/1/13 2:50 PM by T Finley

Darth Bader.

Whittymore site profile image  

8/1/13 2:45 PM by Whittymore

Oleg "The Russian Bear" Takrarov!!!!!Fuck with a bear? Ehh no.Fuck with a Russian Bear?! Fuuuuuck no

garrote site profile image  

8/1/13 2:40 PM by garrote

Yeah I don't know why I said unfortunately. Never mind that part.

Augustus Caesar site profile image  

8/1/13 2:38 PM by Augustus Caesar


donkypunch55 site profile image  

8/1/13 2:38 PM by donkypunch55

TKZ is second only to the Axe Murderer. Kinda funny, Wands nickname would be super corny on almost anyone else but when you look at him or watch him fight you're like, "ahh, right,,,"

Deuce77 site profile image  

8/1/13 2:37 PM by Deuce77

I saw the Korean Zombie with tickets in hand waiting in line at the last Houston event. I kept thinking "shit, I know Dana doesn't take care of his fighters that well but damn".........

Deuce77 site profile image  

8/1/13 2:37 PM by Deuce77



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