White: I 'guarantee' MacDonald & GSP will fight when the day comes


Georges St-Pierre is the long-time dominant welterweight champion and Rory MacDonald is one a five-fight win streak. It seems as though the two are on a collision course, however the two are close friends and training partners. Both have adamantly stated that they would not fight each other, however, UFC President Dana White seems adamant the fight will happen should MacDonald become the number one contender:

"Those two will fight. Here’s what they’re not going to do: they’re not going to publicly sit here and call each other out and go up and see each other in the gym and face each other. They’re both professionals. They understand that they’re both on this path to collide, and I think when the day comes, they’ll deal with it then. I think that’s the way they’re looking at it, First of all, Rory lives in his house, meaning his gym. He lives in Montreal, trains with him, Georges says all kinds of good things about him. How weird would it be after the fight the other night if he got on the mic and said, ‘I want Georges St. Pierre and I want his belt’? It would be a little awkward flying back to Montreal and training on Monday, I think these guys are handling it like professionals, doing their thing and when the day comes when they’re there, I guarantee you they’ll fight.'

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Herman Munster site profile image  

8/4/13 11:17 AM by Herman Munster

  You shouldn't be disappointed in Rory giving up that takedown.  Rory stuffed all Jakes previous attempts, and gave up 1 unexpected, well timed and executed takedown in the 3rd round.  That actually could have been the best thing that could have happened in the fight with more time.  Rory showed excellent skills off his back, was attempting to go for submissions, created a beautiful escape, and was taking Ellenberger's back completely off the scramble as the horn sounded.    Had the fight continued, Rory would have finished him. Rory is not GSP with his wrestling offensively or defensively, but he is very comfortable with his ground game.  When he gets taken down, he will work from his back in every which way....either looking to submit you from his back...working his way back to his feet....or creating a scramble that will then see him capitalize and take superior position and start working his ground and pound with some of the nastiest GNP in the business.   Rory's well rounded skill set presents as much problems for GSP as anyone in the division could.  Rory is a very big strong WW, and just because Jake got 1 takedown in the 3rd does not mean any WW in the world including GSP or Askren would be able to take him down at will or control him at will.

SickEyeDiaz site profile image  

8/4/13 1:52 AM by SickEyeDiaz

"The less declarative statements a man makes, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect" -Four Rooms  

Beefy Wellington site profile image  

8/4/13 1:48 AM by Beefy Wellington

Just like you "guaranteed" woman would never fight in the UFC

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh site profile image  

8/3/13 2:48 PM by ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh

All fair points.

mma interpreter site profile image  

8/3/13 2:44 PM by mma interpreter

You may be right about Rory-GSP, I was disappointed that Jake even got that takedown at the end of the fight (even if Jake did nothing with it). I wanna see Rory in some other fights before I say for sure if he can beat GSP at this point.Your point about Diaz not having destroyed anyone in the top ten since 2004, whether accurate or not, is moot. In the post I quoted you on, you said Rory would destroy Diaz, and I stated why I thought that would never happen -- Diaz having never been "destroyed" since his fifth professional fight against Jeremy Jackson (and I wouldn't even call that getting destroyed lol, it was a close fight up until got caught with a shot and then got his fucking clock cleaned by Jackson).

rosario00 site profile image  

8/3/13 2:38 PM by rosario00

Yup, spot on

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh site profile image  

8/3/13 2:34 PM by ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh

Diaz hasn't destroyed, or for that matter even beaten, a top ten opponent since 2004 (if you even count Lawler as a top 10 WW at the time). Rory would win that fight handily. You basically made my argument for me re: GSP vs Rory. GSP has better stand-up, and you can be damn sure that Rory won't be able to take GSP down or bully him around physically. Nobody has done that to Georges since Matt Hughes in 2004, and Georges is 10x the wrestler he was then. Lastly, if Georges is even close to his prime, he'd have no problem taking Rory down. He took down a prime Koscheck, Fitch, Hughes, and Penn at will.

mma interpreter site profile image  

8/3/13 2:18 PM by mma interpreter

Rory came within seven seconds of winning a decision he wouldn't have deserved tbh. I love Rory (he's one of my top two favorite fighters), and even though he prob scored more points in the first two rounds, he got his ass kicked in that fight, plain and simple. However, I would, like you, favor him in a rematch with Condit. Despite all of the Rory shittalkers out there now post-Ellenberger, Rory is definitely worlds better than he was in the first Condit fight. I don't think he'd stand toe-to-toe with Condit and engage, but he's probably win a decision using a mixture of standing and takedowns + GnP. Rory doesn't "destroy" Diaz because no one since Jeremy Jackson in Nick's fifth professional fight has "destroyed" Nick Diaz. Rory might win that fight on points, but I'd still favor Nick to win by decision. It's not a fight that would make Rory look good even if he won. It'd be Condit-Diaz all over again. Lastly, I think Rory has the style and size to beat Georges. I think he's got the best chance of any welterweight out there honestly. He's got a good sprawl (I think) and good TDD, he might have slightly weaker boxing, but he's got the strength and size advantage to beat GSP in what would either be a snoozefest or an interesting fight, but one that would most certainly be a five-round decision.

Caolan16 site profile image  

8/3/13 1:38 PM by Caolan16

GSP and Rory fight every day in training. Plus they live together so I'd say GSP lays on Rory enough...

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/3/13 2:34 AM by ChaosOverkill

You mean Lorenzo guarantees he can find a way with HIS money to get it done.