Kennedy prefers bout with 'iconic' Silva over PED user Belfort


Last week UFC President Dana White reported that he was trying to make a match between Vitor Belfort and Tim Kennedy. Belfort however was uninterested in a match with Kennedy, something Kennedy was happy with as well:

"I'd love to fight anybody with a rich history within the sport that's been a fighter for a long time," Kennedy said. "To get matched up with Wanderlei Silva, an iconic hero of mine, that's the kind of fight I want."

"I think I can beat everybody in the middleweight division. If I didn’t, I wouldn't be here (in the UFC). I'd be doing something else." 

"I wasn’t thrilled about fighting Vitor in Brazil; I’ve always been vocal about being against TRT ... I had mixed feelings about fighting him in Brazil … it’s his legacy. He can do what he wants. But I think it demeans the sport when he uses performance-enhancing drugs."

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TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN site profile image  

8/3/13 6:11 PM by TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN


BUILT RIGHT site profile image  

8/3/13 2:44 PM by BUILT RIGHT

Next time try the Dr. Suess meets twitter approach, don't worry about content and composition, but watch out for the grammar police. Also seeing how you are over 40 you will want to catch up on the 18-34 demos pop culture, catch phrases and lingo. Don't forget to post silly pics and giffs as put downs.  Follow my advise and you will become a OG UG Godfather.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

8/3/13 2:20 PM by Reed Rothchild

Lol why do you believe Weidman is clean?

Señor Penis site profile image  

8/3/13 2:20 PM by Señor Penis

He don't deserve to fight wand.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

8/3/13 2:10 PM by Fabefromfort

I think most of the guys from the old Chute boxing were using at some point, including Wandy, and Anderson Silva, this is why you see the backne, and headne on him during introductions. Check it out sometime. What he is really saying is he will only fight the guys who don't get caught taking steroids, because he knows full well 90 percent are using. I heard one of the pros say that the number is closer to 100 percent that are taking steroids in MMA. You don't hear a lot of guys clamouring to clean up MMA because it's just a part of the game in the fighter's minds. Think about it ! If people are putting their lives on the line, you'd think they'd be screaming bloody murder all the way down the line, yet noone says anything. I do believe Weidman is clean, hell, he even admits to low testosterone, and I don't think Longo would condone it. He won't fight in Brasil either because they allow testosterone there.

RollHighAllDay site profile image  

8/3/13 2:24 AM by RollHighAllDay

He doesn't want any piece. I heard on the ug wanderlei was using. If you call out wanderlei you basically are telling everyone all you want to gain out of that fight is notoriety. At the same time trying to mask your true motivations by saying its about honour and respect.

EKPOGI site profile image  

8/3/13 2:14 AM by EKPOGI

im hoping Wand vs Chael or Vitor. but if Wand is down,WAR WAND!!!!

Brabatross site profile image  

8/3/13 12:15 AM by Brabatross

I am not interested in any fights with Tim Kennedy. He's my least favorite fighter in the ufc at the moment.

Auswilliam site profile image  

8/3/13 12:10 AM by Auswilliam

This...Please we DO NOT want this fight.

mdfmma123 site profile image  

8/2/13 11:52 PM by mdfmma123

Votes down for being a lame ass