'Rampage' Jackson: UFC is messing up MMA


It's not secret that Rampage Jackson did not leave the UFC on good terms with the promotion and yesterday in an interview with Rick J. Lee, he expanded on his issues with his former employer:

"I met Bjorn and I just felt his energy. You look him in the eyes when you talk to him and you know like, ‘Man, this guy gets it!' I heard of Bellator, but, I didn't know how it was. The other shows kind of leave a bad taste in your mouth. Terry Trebilcock from King of The Cage, before I met Bjorn, was the only promoter that was cool to me. Dana, he started off cool, but when you get on Dana's bad side then you might as well be an alien. But when I met Bjorn, man, he talked to me, he explained things and we sat down and you just feel his energy. And you can tell he don't talk bad about anybody else. You always got to be worried about other people that talk bad about you because as soon as you walk away there's a good chance people talk bad about you. I'm sure if someone crosses him he's going to say something, me and him are a lot alike. I feel like he keeps it real. What he just said about pay-per-views, I totally agree with that. He's not going to cram it down fans throats; every month do a pay-per-view.

I think that's what UFC is doing. I think the UFC now is messing up the sport. They just doing a lot of bad things and I just feel like Bellator, the way they doing things is kind of the future of the sport."

transcribed by MMAMania.com...

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Twelvers hav superior genetics site profile image  

8/8/13 8:39 PM by Twelvers hav superior genetics

For those that do not know time traveling twelver is nothing but a pussy zuffa shill.Almost 2000 posts in less then 2 years and the majority are made defending the UFC and putting down the competition. Of course this sad inbred who has never trained a combat sport in his life makes almost 100 posts a month defending the UFC for free because he has no day job and just likes to defend a company he has absolutely no connection to and does it for fun apparently? The fucking shill is obvious.The comment about fighter pay in regards to Bellator assumes only brain dead zombies read this site. Where was the generous UFC fighter pay in 1998 for example? Or when Zuffa just took over? Just because an organisation is small now doesn't mean it will always be that way. No-one predicted back in it's prime that Pride could ever have been swallowed up by the UFC because it was a much bigger organisation back then. It's not completely out of the question Bellator might one day become profitable enough to pay it's fighers significantly more then it currently does and who knows maybe it could even rival the UFC someday! Unlikely it may seem stranger things have happened.However Zuffa shills try to lead people to think it is small now = will always be small forever and don't bother thinking they might grow and change!Oh wait didn't several Zuffa shills say that Bellator should give up trying to be the UFC and just be content as a small org trying to provide young talent for UFC.What a great philosophy! Why bother trying to improve yourself and be the best you can be when you can just work in Mcdonalds forever! I mean it pays the bills so you should just be content with that right? Don't bother dreaming and working toward bigger things I mean what's the point according to the Zuffa shills.While Bellator is far from perfect that doesn't mean it cannot change and improve itself. Don't listen to these pathetic hired Zuffa shills with their propaganda. You have to ask yourself what kind of pathetic failure of a man accepts money to spread pro-UFC propaganda on a forum? Answer = a faggot inbred loser who was never good enough to get the job he always believed he would. Time traveling twelve like MMALOGIC and other shills are absolutely fucking failures. They have no honour.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

8/8/13 3:53 PM by time traveling 12er

Then why is it that all the major sports have no competition and in fact set it up so their bosses get exemptions to anti-trust laws?In the beginning stages of a sport competition is great for the athletes. But once it's ready to graduate and become a staple in the sports world it's better for them to all be in one place. There's no org out there that can afford to pay them big league money. That money has to come from somewhere else, and that's usually tv contract money. Splitting the market allows the outlets to play the orgs against each other ultimately leading to less money.As Bellator has shown just being owned by a giant media network isn't enough. Their owners have enough money to buy the UFC AND they have direct competition from a larger org. Where has that gotten the fighters in that org? If competition is so great, why isn't it helping Bellator fighters at all? Not only are they unerpaid but Bellator apparently skimps on everything down to the quality of hotel rooms and per diems. Bellator hasn't even come close to matching UFC pay and benefits.If you don't think the sport is ready, fine. It may not be. But this UFC deal with fox is the closest thing they have right now.

4thHorsemen site profile image  

8/8/13 5:24 AM by 4thHorsemen

better for the Competitiin is always good regardless of how big the sport is. Having different organisations compete against each other means a better product therefore better for the sport, in turn better for the fans. It's also better for the fighters as well since it gives them other options to explore and allows them to set a value on their services. To say competition isn't even good for the fighters makes no sense in all honesty. As competition grows and the sport starts to grow is when there would be network deals trying to bid for one of the league's. Bellator is not the only other MMA organization other than UFC. I don't think MMA is at a level at the moment where tv networks would be fighting to get them on air. In fact MMA organizations are fighting to get some network to air their content. In my pinion though MMA probably won't get that big in the first place. It's a fringe sport. The fact that there is a network that will go above and beyond to play MMA (bellator on Spike) is actually very good for the sport.

kinson site profile image  

8/7/13 9:46 PM by kinson

Everytime I here jackson cry it makes me want to buy his ppv even more.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

8/7/13 9:24 PM by time traveling 12er

How does it not make sense? Look at the other leagues and see where the money is coming from. They're coming from crazy tv deals. Those deals get re-negotiated like every 7 years and the money goes up when the big networks compete for tv rights. Competition on the lower level with major orgs fighting off lower tier orgs isn't what's going to help the sport anymore. It may have once, but hopefully MMA is at a scale where they're talking real money. Having one org be at the top increases the competition between the networks.Bellator can't be a part of that because there is no competition. They're already owned by a network so they'll just get whatever amount of the budget Spike is willing to give them.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

8/7/13 9:20 PM by frontrowbrian

There's playing a character and then there's just having a 65 IQ and that's Rampage. Dana hopped on a fuckin airplane to bail that clown outta jail. Who the fuck does that?

4thHorsemen site profile image  

8/7/13 9:14 PM by 4thHorsemen

Wtf!That made no sense whatsoever.

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

8/7/13 8:46 PM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

To be fair I never expected this berbatim either

time traveling 12er site profile image  

8/7/13 7:26 PM by time traveling 12er

They're putting too many fights on. Getting too many fighters paid. I think he'd prefer the old days when only the top fought and got paid and there were like five cards a year.

Oontyex site profile image  

8/7/13 7:22 PM by Oontyex

I'm not following , how exactly does rampage think the UFC is bad for Mma?


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