Bellator's 'Fight Master' ratings drop to series low


Bellator's first attempt at a reality show has been a bit hit and miss. The shows has had some decent ratings, but recently the show has been on a decline. According to a tweet from MMAJunkie, yesterday's episode was a series low and a big drop in the key demographic:

Early ratings in for Fight Master from last night. Slipped to 398,000, which I think is the series low, unfortunately.

Fight Master audience slipped 47 percent among adults 18-49 compared to its lead in program: COPS. That depresses me.

read official Twitter...


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nobones site profile image  

8/11/13 1:48 AM by nobones

Bellator Fan - TUF 1 was a timebuy. It was a smashing success for Spike because it was a pure profit generator for them since they had very little original programming at the time. Only WWE RAW was pulling better ratings for them at the time.Zuffa couldn't afford another season that was a timebuy. They needed to not only lock in a real long term contract where Spike paid them for their content, but they needed the next seasons to be successful enough to pay off for themselves but also for the first season. The first season peaked with the Koscheck vs. Leben fight which happened around the middle of the season. After that the ratings dropped and were good but not overly impressive enough that Zuffa was sure they could get the deal they wanted after the finale.Also Zuffa wanted to air morr live fight cards and Spike was lukewarm to the idea. So they really needed that first UFN Live Finale to really impress advertisers and Spike execs to sell them on the concept of regular live MMA fight cards on their programming. Things were unsure after the Florian vs. Sanchez finale since it was flat and uncompetitive. But after the Bonnar vs. Griffin finale thr Spike executives and advertisers wanted to sign a deal on the spot they were so excited. If the UFC had not secured a good tv deal at that time there was a good chance that they would have not been able to continue the financing of TUF which would have led them to be unable to support their PPV business model which could have killed their company off and possibly resulted in the focus of the sport to shift to Japan. As we all know now it probably would have died in Japan.

nobones site profile image  

8/11/13 1:29 AM by nobones

babbling monkey - easier said than done. I guarantee you if Viacom MMA loses even $10 million the first year they will shut down and sell off Bellator.

babbling monkey site profile image  

8/11/13 1:07 AM by babbling monkey

These threads are hilarious. If the UFC went 40 million in the red before it started making money, the. Viacom can easily afford 100 million. When they do start making money, UFC better watch out ;)

CindyO site profile image  

8/11/13 12:51 AM by CindyO

500,000:) You?   Cindy

luctaro site profile image  

8/10/13 4:53 PM by luctaro

Not a Bellator shill but I belive over 100k!!! If Affliction with no promotional arm could handle 75k, Bellator can surely do better. The question is wheter thats good enough. Some say it needs well over 150k sales to be profitable.

JerseyShoreTapTeam site profile image  

8/10/13 4:41 PM by JerseyShoreTapTeam

LOL just LOL at the Bellator shills. I can't believe you people exist. For curiosity's sake, how many PPV's do you believe Bellator will sell in November?

Doc T site profile image  

8/10/13 4:03 PM by Doc T

Always forget this is on.

gabemadrid site profile image  

8/10/13 3:44 PM by gabemadrid

I wish their was so much desire for people to watch any MMA event. I wish random people at work would say hey did you catch last weeks UFC? Or hell even fight master just so people could get into MMA even more. I know the product that Bellator puts out for the most part it's not on the level the UFC puts out. But what about invicta,WOSF, ONEfc etc. MMA is too niche and that's not a good thing. Elitexc on CBS 5 years ago was doing the same numbers that UFC had been doing on fox. Not due to the lack of quality but lack of interest. Lots of MMA fans hoping for the demise of free MMA on tv. That's less chances for random people to get hooked on the sport. You need lots of free content to get people into the top tier organization and PPVs

Tat2tillidie site profile image  

8/10/13 3:40 PM by Tat2tillidie

True ... Vu Cindy

gabemadrid site profile image  

8/10/13 3:33 PM by gabemadrid

I love MMA. I try to watch all events. I pay for all the UFC PPVs. I watch as many other org events as possible. I was getting tons of friends into Strikeforce and even into MMA. After Strikeforce ended a lot of the casual fans stopped watching and won't even watch free UFC on fox cards. I even have hardcore MMA friends who've stopped watching. Why if MMA in general seems to not be as strong as a few years ago would casual fans organically fall into Bellator? If anything they would watch a show or two and then want to watch the big promotion.Bellators production is horrible. The overall look and feel make me feel like I'm watching a regional event. Invicta looks a million times better. Plus all the negativity surrounding how Bellator treats their fighters have just pretty much made it hard to watch. Fight master is a great show tied into a decline of MMA, a crappy network and a second tier organization.