White: Boston not a great place to put on fights


"One thing I'm guaranteed every morning when I wake up in the morning is that bad s--- is going to happen."
Dana White.

It was true for UFC Fight Night 26, in Boston.

A Mass law was passed requiring fighters to have a social security number, and although there was a path through for international fighters, it added further headaches to an effort that does not lack for headaches; Canadian Nick Ring even had to be removed from the card when he was unable to secure the proper documentation.

Then the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission opted to hold a special meeting after receiving a grievance from Unite Here, a union group that includes the notorious Culinary Union 226, arguing that main event fighter Chael Sonnen should not be be licensed based in part on the contents of his legendary trash talking.

Sonnen was of course ultmately licensed, but the union's bizarre and underhanded tactics are nothing but an attempt to fatten the coffers, and need not be indulged.

"For the simple fact that they're spending their union members dues to try to hurt the UFC, which has nothing to do with the union members or whatever it might be. It's so transparent and just so ridiculous," said White. "For instance, what they do is they use different organizations on serious issues. Whether it's women or gay rights or whatever it may be, they use these different organizations to try to get what they want, and what they want in Station Casinos.

"If they get Station Casinos it's another $10 million a year to the union. So they'll use any dirty tactic, and spend as much money as it takes, to try and get Station Casinos."

As much as Dana White loves his hometown of Boston, don't expect to see the UFC back anytime soon.

"I'd be a liar if I said no," White answered when asked if the bad s--- could prevent the UFC from returning. "It's a great place to go hang out with my friends and eat, but not a great place to put on fights."

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sycotik site profile image  

8/13/13 2:02 PM by sycotik

As long as Joe Lauzon stays healthy and is not pulled off the card, it will be a good one. He alone makes the card a winner.

choadler site profile image  

8/13/13 12:54 PM by choadler

New england. We are so boss we decided to take old englands name and just put new in front of it.Same thing as New Mexico did, but I think id like old mexico better.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

8/13/13 12:48 PM by KingofBJJ

New England is just a name we give to the group of states in the North East of the US, due in part because it's where the Pilgrims first colonized when they came from Great Britain.

flyingtoehold site profile image  

8/13/13 9:46 AM by flyingtoehold


snobordr site profile image  

8/13/13 9:15 AM by snobordr

958 km.  About 9 hours in current traffic, according to Google maps.  

McBottery site profile image  

8/13/13 8:23 AM by McBottery

Well thats horrible news.  UFC should come here once a month imo.

Bellator Fan site profile image  

8/13/13 7:43 AM by Bellator Fan

Over 6,000 tickets are still available.

donnybrook site profile image  

8/13/13 7:27 AM by donnybrook

I heard you can buy 1 ticket to the show with an EBT card. SWEET!!!!!!! I'll take 11.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

8/13/13 7:25 AM by Bobby Lupo

He aligned himself with union hating rats. He gets the fleas that come along with that.Mass Destruction crowds were awesome

The Sultan site profile image  

8/13/13 7:22 AM by The Sultan

Boston is great for some stuff and sucks for others. Wish the bars/clubs were open until at least 3 am.