With lawsuit settled, Alvarez to meet Chandler on Bellator PPV


Longtime Bellator star and one-time champion Eddie Alvarez has been locked in litigation with his employer over his contract. Alvarez was offered a UFC contranct, which Bellator had the right to match and matching was the main point of contention in the litigation. Whoever was right or wrong, both parties have now settled and Alvarez is set to return to action inside the Bellator cage:

After a long and messy legal battle, former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has re-signed with Bellator MMA for an additional eight bouts and will make his return fight against Michael Chandler in their 155-pound championship rematch scheduled for the promotion's "Rampage vs. Tito" pay-per-view (PPV) on Nov. 2, 2013 at the Long Beach Arena in California.

Told ya' so.

Alvarez (24-3) lost his division crown in his epic "Fight of the Year" candidate against Chandler (12-0) back in late 2011. He was able to get himself right back into the title picture by rebounding with back-to-back wins (and back-to-back finishes) over Shinya Aoki and Patricky Freire.

All he needed was a new contract.

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bobby boulders site profile image  

8/15/13 3:29 AM by bobby boulders

Name recognition.People who don't watch Bellator, average fans, know who Rampage and Tito are. No one outside of legit MMA fans have ever heard of Chandler or Alvarez. Having them headline the PPV will sell less than this is already expected to not sell.

UGCTT_Pariah site profile image  

8/15/13 1:04 AM by UGCTT_Pariah

I hope Alvarez lets his frustrations with Bellator out on Chandler and finishes him, along with everyone else he fights. It kills me that Bellator wouldn't let him go to the UFC.

antifanboy devon site profile image  

8/14/13 10:03 PM by antifanboy devon

Dod anyone watch that interview where he talks about going back with Bellator? He looks like a beaten man who admitted that he needed the money to fight again. Im glad he's getting paid but it just feels dirty.

JTT81 site profile image  

8/14/13 4:50 PM by JTT81

I think Eddie is gonna be getting paid quite nicely otherwise this thing would still be in court ... or possibly Bellator had to cave in order to push the PPV sales. Either way this is good for MMA.

JustTheTip site profile image  

8/14/13 3:31 PM by JustTheTip

I guess I was wrong and it starts after 200K, but you are right. Most likely the UFC would put him on FOX or FSN1 cards or if it were a PPV, it would be a Barao, Mighty Mouse, or smaller card. He'll make the same amount with a UFC or Bellator PPV bonus clause, which will be zero until he can prove he's a draw.That's why it's funny to see all the UFC shills cry on here saying there's no way Bellator can match the UFC's contract and act like they would always put him on GSP or Anderson cards. If the UFC really wanted to pay Eddie $1M a fight, they would've put it in black and white, Bellator never would have matched, and he'd be in the UFC now.

Card site profile image  

8/14/13 2:06 PM by Card

Really excited about this fight.

12 site profile image  

8/14/13 9:49 AM by 12

the way its been going ,means 0 $$$$$$$ for a ppv cut

Chris27 site profile image  

8/14/13 9:38 AM by Chris27

My point was you said he gets money after 250k buys, its after 200k buys, not 250. So a PPV has to hit 200k for him to start getting money which will not happen in Bellator. 

JustTheTip site profile image  

8/14/13 8:55 AM by JustTheTip

Their tournament winner had acl surgery in June. What do you suggest Bjorne do? That's why Rickels fought Chandler in July too.

AMartElbow site profile image  

8/14/13 8:47 AM by AMartElbow

Well after Bjorn bashed the UFC about fighters not earning shots (Not saying Alvarez didn't earn it) , he said EVERY title fight challenger had to win a tournament, I didn't know. You don't have to be a dick. bro