White interested in Ben Askren, not interested in Paul Daley just yet


UFC president Dana White has always said that he can work with a fighter, even if they don't get along. Tito Ortiz for example has had an often bitter relationship with White for over a decade, but he was the face of the company during a critical time, and is in the UFC Hall of Fame.

White and Bellator Welterweight Champion bickered bitterly on Twitter last year.

"@danawhite is a bold face liar for saying the #UFC doesn't have the resources for random drug tests," tweeted Askren.

Never one to be outdone on Twitter, White fired back.

"When ambien can't sleep it takes Ben Askren," wrote White. "The most boring fighter in MMA history. I would rather watch flys f---."

However, Askren is now a free agent, and White expressed interest.

"We'll talk to Ben," said White. "Yeah, we'll talk to him."

White did express reservations as to whether Askren's wrestling heavy approach would work in the UFC.

"You can do that in Bellator, you know what I mean?" said White. "It's going to be tougher to do that here."

Paul Daley is also a free agent, but White was not in a rush to talk with the controversial welterweight.

"I think I've been pretty clear about where I am on Paul Daley," said White. "I'm not saying that Paul Daley couldn't change. But what he did, he was only guy that's ever done that in the history of the UFC, our UFC since we've been here, literally walked over after you've just fought a guy for 15 minutes, it's all legal, you can do whatever you want, and after the fight he walks over and suckerpunches him in the face. I hate it."

"I'm not saying that he couldn't be forgiven and it couldn't change, but he'd have to win some fights and... I don't know what he'd have to do. I'm not there though."


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M Wood site profile image  

8/17/13 1:41 PM by M Wood

I'd read a lot of hate on Ben Askren. Then I watched his last 2 fights. I have to say that after seeing them and hearing him call out GSP after the win before last by saying he could beat anyone in the world, I would love to see him fight in the UFC and truly be tested. He made the fight against Koreshkov look non-competitive as hell! Would most definitely pay/tune in to see him versus Maia, Koshcheck, Lawler, Condit or McDonald!

rbl site profile image  

8/16/13 8:00 PM by rbl

This will be a lot funnier if Dana ever has to promote a Ben Askren fight.

8flat site profile image  

8/16/13 4:57 PM by 8flat


Godmode site profile image  

8/16/13 4:52 PM by Godmode

I think he's gonna turn it on when he gets to fight in the UFC. I cant understand why he has not been improving his striking either on his feet or on the ground... His oponents are beasts, but not top 10 per say or UFC top10. He knows he can get through his oponents with his wrestling skills and so he does. He hans't been "forced" to change his style because he has had great sucess with it...This being said, his style of wrestling is rather fun to watch in comparison to some others and he will have to turn it up with the UFC level of competition, as in a natural selection perspective.

JStrongMMA site profile image  

8/16/13 3:32 PM by JStrongMMA

He has finished 6 of his 12 opponents. Maybe you have a different definition of point fighting? In his last fight he outstruck his opponent, Koreshkov 248-3. I think he is due some better competition in the UFC.

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

8/16/13 3:28 PM by Leck Brosnar

Yep, we already saw Hieron go very evenly, many even had him winning. Ben would win a lot of fights (Diaz, Brown, Pyle etc) but would lose to the elite.

snobordr site profile image  

8/16/13 3:22 PM by snobordr

Askren is not nearly as dangerous to GSP as Hendricks is.  At least Hendricks has a shot at a one punch KO.  Not really a concern when you're fighting Askren.  Both Hendricks and GSP take Askren with ease, imo.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

8/16/13 2:33 PM by eljamaiquino

I think with the right matchmaking, it would work fine. Give him Rory Mcdonald for the first fight. Either way you win. If Rory beats the stuffing out of him, you send Askren halfway out the door. If Askren dominates, you boot Rory out of the top at 170, which works out because Rory won't fight GSP anyways.If he beats Rory, it's a natural to fight GSP next. Market it as he beat your friend and future champ.

Son of Neckbone site profile image  

8/16/13 1:13 PM by Son of Neckbone

I will be very surprised if he is brought over. He's too good at point fighting, has impenetrable defense, and almost zero offense unless you count getting his opponent discouraged.If he does make it in the UFC, he will be given the absolute most difficult path possible to avoid having him fight for the title. First 3 fights: Palhares, Maia, Bigg Rigg.

zedlepln site profile image  

8/16/13 10:02 AM by zedlepln

His wrestling style will lend itself to leg attacks. Would love to see him roll to a knee bar or heel hook.