Struve diagnosed with enlarged heart, out indefinitely


At 250 lbs and 6 ft. 11 inches, Stefan Struve was the tallest and one of the biggest heavyweights in the UFC. Struve was 9-4 in his UFC career, but now however it is unsure if Struve will be able to return back to active competition:

@UFCTonight: Report from @arielhelwani: @stefanstruve has been diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve and enlarged heart.

@UFCTonight: Helwani cont. Struve will be taking meds for 2 months and then they will decide what's the next course of action. His career might be over.

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Flexo site profile image  

8/23/13 2:33 PM by Flexo

Thank you for scaring the fuck out me. I've been told I have a heart murmur and an irregular heartbeat 3x in the last year, but apparently have nothing to worry about. Glad everything worked out with you though.

Transporter site profile image  

8/22/13 4:25 PM by Transporter

Him being a fighter and having physicals done might have saved his life other wise he might never have known. He's had some great fights can close that chapter of his life be proud and move on.

DWray site profile image  

8/22/13 4:06 PM by DWray

June 28th of last year I had a seizure at work (I work at a technology company). It was my first seizure, I've never had a medical problem before that wasn't self-caused (broken ankle, nose, etc.).I went to the emergency room and the ER doctor listened to my heart and asked, "How long have you had a heart murmur?" I answered, "I have no idea, five minutes? I've never been told I do."Fast forward 14 months and I'm getting surgery to repair my mitral valve (by the best surgeon in the country, luckily). They're still not sure what caused the seizure. Some doctors have told me it *could* be related while others say it likely isn't related.I doubt I had had anyone listen to my heart in years. I was 27 at the time, in decent physical shape, very active, so never had a reason to go to the doctor. My surgeon says I was likely born with a genetic disposition for my valve to deteriorate quickly, so it just deteriorated in my mid-20s.Getting better everyday, though!

joevonaxeman site profile image  

8/22/13 3:45 PM by joevonaxeman

WAR STRUVE! Get better, big man!

mixedmartialfarts site profile image  

8/22/13 3:31 PM by mixedmartialfarts

Shitty news. I hope that he's able to get this taken care of and get healthy. I'd love to see him fight again but obviously his health is much more important.

SC MMA MD site profile image  

8/22/13 3:24 PM by SC MMA MD

^ a little of both. He would have had the bicuspid valve since birth, but over time it started leaking and the left ventricle enlarged and started not working properly (this assumes that Lex was correct in the statement he released about the condition). At some point it was dysfunctional enough that either he sought evaluation for exercise intolerance, or there was an abnormal finding on his cardiac examination to warrant an echocardiogram that showed the problems

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

8/22/13 2:52 PM by GladiatorGannon

Is this something that he's had his whole life and just now getting diagnosed, or is this something that just happened?

ashadel site profile image  

8/22/13 2:27 PM by ashadel

Listen to this guy, its good to see someone else on here with good medical knowledge!

Mihow site profile image  

8/21/13 11:37 PM by Mihow

oh gosh that sucksI hope he gets super healthy and does what he wishes

Mihow site profile image  

8/21/13 11:37 PM by Mihow

can you tell us how you found out?