Weidman: P*ssed off Silva will be easier to beat


Chris Weidman shocked the world when he knocked out Anderson Silva at UFC 162, but knows he has a difficult task ahead of him in the rematch. Weidman recently spoke to MMAJunkie about his outlook on the rematch and if Silva's mindset isn't correct, how he can take advantage of it:

"People say that he's going to get pissed off, and it's going to be this whole new Anderson Silva – it's going to be easier," Weidman said. "I'm very happy with the situation, and it's exactly where I thought I was going to be, and it's time to prove myself again on (Dec.) 28, so I'm excited."

From where money is being plunked down online, he's still considered to be a risky bet. Weidman might not by the longshot he was a little more than a month ago, when he was nearly a 2-to-1 underdog, yet he's still not favored heading into the second bout.  

Weidman thinks that will change, however. 

"That's why it makes for a perfect rematch, because so many people just can't believe [Silva] really lost, and he was trying," he said. "They figure that's how he fights in every one of his fights, and it works in every one. I was just able to capitalize on it. People just can't believe – that he could lose two fights in a row."

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MMA Lives Here site profile image  

12/31/13 11:14 PM by MMA Lives Here

The first fight wasn't an "out cold concussion"? He looked out to me o_O

BreakALegAndy! site profile image  

12/31/13 11:06 PM by BreakALegAndy!

Ruh roh

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

12/31/13 9:43 PM by Jons Forsberg

lol @ this tard.

BreakALegAndy! site profile image  

12/31/13 8:36 PM by BreakALegAndy!

I think it's kind of self explanatory, Weidman remembered how well Silva threw leg kicks from the previous fight, remembering how painful they were in the last fight, so when he saw Silva throw this last kick, he panicked, threw his limbs out in hopes of blocking it, basically like a flinch, but happened to position his knee in the right place at the right moment. You can see it when it happens, the thought going on in his head like "oh fuck, not the leg kicks again". He wasn't even that thrilled on the win because he just finished the GOAT again via FLUKE. The other day I playing golf, I was in the sand, muffed it a couple times, got pissed, smacked the ball hard as shit out of frustration expecting it to sail off into the sunset, only to have the bitch drop straight in the hole. Similar situation, or idea. Complete accent, total fluke, I didn't even pick my ball up out of the hole.ausgepicht Joined: 1/1/01Posts: 61664Common sense: 0

horsemeat grew my head site profile image  

12/31/13 3:29 AM by horsemeat grew my head

He was playing around again auschpicht, he decided to let Weidman ravage him violently the first round and purposely didn't drink any milk during training camp.

ausgepicht site profile image  

12/31/13 3:03 AM by ausgepicht

What's your excuse now? Member Since: 3/18/12

ausgepicht site profile image  

12/31/13 3:02 AM by ausgepicht

So who is the delusional, pathetic noob that has people laughing at him now? Member Since: 5/13/11    

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

8/25/13 3:53 AM by MMA Lives Here

Lol at Serious Silva being easier in any way whatsoever

RockMeAmadeus site profile image  

8/25/13 3:30 AM by RockMeAmadeus

Will romantic silva give kisses at weigh-ins again?

ssj site profile image  

8/25/13 3:25 AM by ssj

Serious Silva via KO