Mir, Rothwell receive TRT exemptions for UFC 164


Frank Mir and Ben Rothwell have joined the growing list of athletes applying for and receive exemptions for testosterone replacementy therapy. Both heavyweights applied for and were allowed the TRT exemptions for UFC 164 in Milwaukee, WI.

UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell applied for and received a therapeutic use exemption to use TRT in advance of UFC 164, a representative with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services told MMAjunkie.com.

Heavyweight Frank Mir also received an exemption for the event, which takes places Aug. 31 at Bradley Center in Milwaukee. The ex-UFC champ previously got permission to use TRT for a fight against then-champ Junior dos Santos at UFC 146. It's unknown whether he received any additional exemptions in earlier fights.

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SJax site profile image  

8/24/13 5:43 PM by SJax

I think if they are going to continue to use TRT exemptions they need to do at least weekly testing and if your levels are out of whack, however they determine that, you get suspended and no fighty.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

8/24/13 5:32 PM by Winston Wolf


oplix site profile image  

8/24/13 5:31 PM by oplix

There's no need to discuss TRT. It's cheating plain and simple. No one goes all of a sudden OH GEE I FEEL LIEK I HAVE LOW TESTOSTERONE. DURR MAYBE I SHOULD SEE A DOCTOR. It's horse shit. These guys know exactly what benefit it gives them and it's a complete shortcut.Stop making TRT seem legit. Only halfwit morons with the critical thinking of a 5 year old will buy into it.

oplix site profile image  

8/24/13 5:28 PM by oplix

TRT exemptions will eventually lead to someone's death.

epic hero site profile image  

8/24/13 3:50 PM by epic hero

exactly cause TRT can give the fighter that extra boost while one guys has normal or maybe even slightly lowish levels while the opponent has maximum efficient levels

Chiron site profile image  

8/24/13 3:15 PM by Chiron

That's a good point to add to the discussion but if someone has sustained enough damage to the brain to lower testosterone levels to such an extent perhaps that's a good sign they shouldn't be fighting anymore. I've heard many wrestlers sat they believed that years of dehydration weight cutting led to them having low T levels which, if true, is really just another good reason to change the weigh-in process.I'm kind of on the fence about the TRT exemptions but it does largely seem to be a BS excuse to gain an edge in the sport. We should all know by now that many athletes will do anything they can, legal or not, to gain an edge on the competition or even just to keep up. However, as far as the TRT exemption goes, the thing I think makes absolutely no sense is that giving some guys an exemption can return them not just to their normal level, but above it, giving them an advantage over fighters without the exemption.If they're going to allow TRT use then it should be allowed for all fighters as long as they're all under a certain ceiling.

Black Belt Wrestling site profile image  

8/24/13 1:54 PM by Black Belt Wrestling

For the defenders on this board of TRT .. I'm going to ask honest questions and I am not on a side. Just sincere curiousity. I am not even sure how I feel about it to be honest. So I really don't have a dog in this fight.What is your opinion of the Bonds / Mcgwire / Sosa era of baseball home run / drug wars? Do you think that it's an f'd up situation that they re-wrote the record book for homeruns and they didn't do it on the same playing field as say Babe Ruth? I guess I've just always thought that was a really weird deal. Not a baseball fan, but a huge sports history fan. I even wonder how those guys feel about it today.

BTT-RyannVonDoom site profile image  

8/24/13 1:40 PM by BTT-RyannVonDoom

Bingo. Once he started resting and traning a bit better his levels evened out.   @UrbanDenim; he's on record saying it and He's one of my actual friends.. so i'd like to think I'd have a little insight on the matter. But hey, whatever I'm sure you know exactly what he's doing and his test levels now etc..

SJax site profile image  

8/24/13 1:31 PM by SJax

I'm not making excuses for any fighter on TRT. But a lot of you are quite ignorant about the science of concussions and low testosterone. Repetitive concussions, whether major or minor, leads to lower testosterone production. Once again I have no idea why all these fighters who are on TRT have low T. Could certainly be gear abuse but science says it is also absolutely possible to have significantly lower testosterone production from repetitively being struck in the head. You think any of these pro fighters get struck in the head a lot during training/sparring? Recent NFL studies prove that lots of little hits to the head cause the same damage as fewer bigger hits. Think that happens in sparring at all?http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1978466/

cripplersc site profile image  

8/23/13 6:08 PM by cripplersc

Send them to Japan where the competition is easier....