Tate: Rousey became this mega b---h


Today Miesha Tate spoke in depth about her season coaching the Ultimate Fighter in a Google Hangout sponsored by Fox Sports. Tate was honest in our feeling on how the season went and what fans can expect to see with her and Ronda Rousey:

"I've had people I've worked with before that I didn't get along with or whatever, but never to this extent. I don't know what her reasoning was for it, but at one point she just flipped a switch and she just became this mega b---h," Tate said. "For the rest of the season, it was just horrible having to deal with her."

According to Tate, after "probably about a week in" Rousey and the dynamic between the two coaches changed without explanation, event or incident. It "was all a downhill slope from there," she claimed.

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I GOT WEE'D ON BY WEIDMAN site profile image  

8/25/13 3:40 PM by I GOT WEE'D ON BY WEIDMAN

I'd tounge punch either of their fart boxes

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8/24/13 5:07 PM by Kimbos Lice

Actually it looks like a toothbrush fellas.

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8/24/13 1:39 PM by Atkinson

Don't worry, I'll take one for the team and go first :)

Doc T site profile image  

8/24/13 1:25 PM by Doc T

So, new season of TUF is a giant bitch fest ?.. What's the difference from previous seasons ?

man meets fate site profile image  

8/24/13 12:39 PM by man meets fate

I know but I figured they would eventually get away from it. They are bringing in the absolute worst fans ever. Everhone who was a daily watcher of real world, jersey shore and teen mom are now mma ( well ufc only) fans

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8/24/13 11:54 AM by puss'nmitts

Anal probe IMO

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8/24/13 10:46 AM by Atkinson

On my iPhone screen I thought it a cancer stick.

Mihow site profile image  

8/24/13 10:40 AM by Mihow

I watched all the VH1 reality show marathonsIf you can't be entertained by quality stupid than I don't know what to tell you...Than again I only watched one full ep of TuF ever

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

8/24/13 10:14 AM by Vulva Fabulous

I believe it's this magic instrument that makes markings on different types of surfaces that can be translated into audible words when spoken aloud.I believe witch doctors call them pens. It's a tool of the devil.

Atkinson site profile image  

8/24/13 9:42 AM by Atkinson

A twerp that prefers half naked guy on guy action instead.