Herrig: I play up the sexy side


Felice Herrig, recent addition to the Invicta FC roster, is not shy about using her sexiness to promote herself and women's MMA. She recently spoke about sexiness in fighting and in the women's MMA scene:

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): I know you have no problem promoting the sexy side of female fighting, but is there a downside to that? I remember a bit over a month ago at the UFC Fan Expo, there was a guy taking video of you bending over signing autographs for like five minutes.

Felice Herrig: (laughs) There's a downside of course. I think the biggest downside is is when people think that's all I am or all I care about. I'm not just a fighter. I'm not just a girl, a daughter or a sister. You can't just be labeled or categorized as one thing. That's not all I'm about. I've always wanted to be a star. It's not even the sexy side, I'm a girl. I love playing dress-up and what girls don't? I like feeling beautiful and every girl wants to feel beautiful for who they are.

I play up the sexy side, but I'm not playing. I'm being me. I'm not doing anything I'm uncomfortable with. A lot of people think that's what I'm all about and that I don't care about my fighting, that I spend more time promoting myself than training. There's only so much time in the day. I'm more dedicated than any other woman I've met and most of the guys. At the same time, fighting is a business. I'm promoting my brand. With women athletes, you get a lot more opportunities. It's more intriguing to the general public if the see a woman that wouldn't strike you as a fighter.

There's so many women that I see in MMA that are beautiful and I love that you can see them as a women outside the spot and you wouldn't even know they were a fighter, but when they step into the cage, another side comes out for them and they just start destroying. I love it. The only downside I see is people labeling you, saying you're disrespecting the sport or that you're not taking it serious. I think it's harder to walk that line of being a woman, promoting that sexy side, but also being on top of your game.

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jimbonice site profile image  

9/29/13 9:32 AM by jimbonice

.... and thank god she does.

Shanle929 site profile image  

9/29/13 8:36 AM by Shanle929

She's a complete hottie and seems to be a fun, genuine person. So I'm okay with whatever she wants.

BLPorritt site profile image  

9/29/13 7:51 AM by BLPorritt

Keep on Beatin ass my dear. And stay beautiful

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

9/28/13 11:58 PM by MMA Lives Here

"To the haters who think I dont see the negative comments, don't you worry your little vas'd up pecker tuggin hands... I see them."- Felice Herrig

devils advocate site profile image  

9/28/13 7:49 PM by devils advocate

any word on your next opponent at invicta felice?

armbarseverywhere site profile image  

8/31/13 5:57 AM by armbarseverywhere

Sorry Felice. For the record, I would hold your hand in public, and hold open doors for you. I just got caught up in my petty feud with that double posting troll Big Roy Fan.

SeverianB site profile image  

8/30/13 10:52 PM by SeverianB

I spit out my damn beer, you cocksucker!  I've seen Felice compete a couple of times,  and I must say,  out of the 3 girls still fighting from the show Fight Girls,  Miriam Nakamoto and Michelle Waterson are better fighters. In any case,  great job picking hot pieces of ass that can throw down,  Master Toddy!

MARC BULGER site profile image  

8/30/13 10:33 PM by MARC BULGER

Why no thanx for me white knighting?

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

8/30/13 9:22 PM by Proteus The Invincible

A woman can embrace her sexuality without resorting to showing off her body. When Felice chooses to flaunt her looks, she appeals to men who will judge her as a sexual object, who are largely the type of people who will degrade her.If Felice let her sexuality shine through in her personality, people would be more willing to treat her as a person and not an object, but she may subsequently lose the attention of the male masses, which Felice might decide is too much of a sacrifice to make.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk site profile image  

8/28/13 4:11 PM by UGCTT_mrzipplokk

Keep on Girl