Kedzie: Female TUFers are pioneers like Griffin and Bonnar


Sherdog recently interviewed women's MMA pioneer Julie Kedzie about the pioneering female fighters on this season of TUF. Kedzie was herself a member of an female MMA reality, Ultimate Women Challenge, which promised a $50,000 grand prize and air NBC only to crash, only to deliver nothing, at best.

“The women who are going to be signed to the UFC from that show I think will probably get double the amount of sponsors that I could ever have just coming straight into the UFC," said Kedzie. "The exposure they’re gonna have is incredible. I hope they were all saying that to themselves as they were going through hell.”

“As long as they don’t sleep together -- but who knows -- you could meet the love of your life in that kind of experience... I think that’s unlikely. The thing about reality shows is that your emotion … it’s a very high intensity situation where everything is heightened to a craziness where you feel things for people that you might have had a mild feeling for, and all of a sudden it’s more.

“Afterwards, when you’re not in that fishbowl, you’re like, ‘Is this real, or is this not real?’ It’s a super heightened experience, and you have to deal with the fact that it’s not actually reality -- it’s just a form of it.”

“I think it’s gonna be exactly what it’s marketed to be. Ronda, it seems as though she wore her heart on her sleeve a little bit and really pumped up the anger and the emotional side. It seems like Miesha, from the preview that I saw, comes across as pretty cool-headed. These are also potential opponents for all of these girls."

“The women are under more scrutiny for this season. I think we’ve mostly changed the attitude of fans from ‘women can’t fight’ to ‘some women can fight. There is still a little doubt, and I think that these women who are on the show, they may carry that burden of proving to the world on an even bigger scale that we can fight.”

“Basically, they’re pioneers in the sense that Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar were. My hat’s off to them for going through it. Regardless of the outcome of any of the fights, they’re gonna go down in history, and they’re gonna be remembered. It’s a scary thing to do.”

The Ultimate Fighter 18: 'Hell' meets 'history' debuts Sept. 4 on FOX Sports 1.

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dannybjj site profile image  

8/25/13 6:04 PM by dannybjj

I don't mind watching the women fight. However, I disagree that the women on this season of tuf can be considered pioneers as Bonner and Griffin were. The ufc had grown so much. From being banned on ppv to being shown on cable tv. I think most would agree that an all women card just doesn't get the numbers.

Large Fun Bags site profile image  

8/25/13 5:16 PM by Large Fun Bags

Ill watch for the asses

Shanle929 site profile image  

8/25/13 2:39 PM by Shanle929

I stoked to see this season. I haven't watched a season since 3. This is history in the making and women go after it.

soremano site profile image  

8/25/13 2:29 PM by soremano

I usually have no interest in reality show but I will be watching the shit out of this tuf

UGCKIRTT_SonofJockstrap site profile image  

8/25/13 2:26 PM by UGCKIRTT_SonofJockstrap

I have zero interest in watching Real Housewives Las Vegas: MMA Edition, I'm sure the majority of MMA fans are in the same boat. This season of TUF is not necessarily a publicity stunt, but it's definitely an attempt to reach a new audience. All the more power to the UFC and I hope this season is somewhat successful so we can have another heavyweight season next year or something.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

8/25/13 1:14 PM by KingOfFighters

lol shr reminds me of that bit by bill burr when he talks about women constantly padding themselves on the back. wmma has.been around for a long time, the true pioneers are retired

SeverianB site profile image  

8/25/13 12:45 PM by SeverianB

I agree, it doesn't make you a moron.   In most facets of this sport,  women just don't have as much athletic ability,  and if that waters it down for you, the disintrest is understandable. If you are a fan of the ground game however,  please give this video a watch.    These two do things with their legs that no male fighter is capable of.    They make BJ Penn's guard look Brock Lesnar's.     It's an area where the women are much more capable athletically, and it does add to the value,  IMHO.

soremano site profile image  

8/25/13 12:34 PM by soremano

good riddance, plenty of people do

Don_Dada site profile image  

8/25/13 12:32 PM by Don_Dada

Oh come on Ryann i'm a moron for not being interested in WMMA? I don't enjoy watching women's Boxing either, that goes double for Soccer. Am i a moron for not enjoying those variations of sports i love aswell? It's nothing personal but i always enjoy reading the reactions of people who take it that way. It has nothing to do with being sexist /anti-woman. I don't find the female forms of the sports i mentioned to be anywhere near as exciting or competitive as the male version of the same sport, so i don't watch them. Same goes for WMMA. It's a personal opionion and i have every right to that. Doesn't make me a moron. 

MCchoke site profile image  

8/25/13 12:23 PM by MCchoke

thats just .....crazy