Sonnen vs. Davis possible for UFC 167


Since the second Chael Sonnen submitted Mauricio Rua at Ultimte Fight Night 26, speculation had started as to who the outspoken UFC fighter would fight next. Several Brazilian fighters immediately called out Sonnen on Twitter and Sonnen called out Wanderlei Silva on the mic. However, someone nobody considered might be Sonnen's actual next opponent:

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans hoping to see Chael Sonnen settle his score against Wanderlei Silva are likely to be disappointed, as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has indicated that "The Axe Murderer" is still recovering from a serious injury and won't be ready until next year.

Instead, White has considered pairing "The American Gangster" against light heavyweight contender Phil Davis (see him ponder the fight here).

The good news is, the bout has not been signed, so we can optimistically cling to whatever scraps still remain from the Sonnen/Silva war of words.

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Ktaco site profile image  

8/30/13 9:41 AM by Ktaco


RentedMule site profile image  

8/30/13 9:18 AM by RentedMule

I really don't want to see this fight happen.But that's just because Chael and Phil are two of my favorite fighters, so I'm sure I'm in the vast majority there.How could I pick between an outspoken, money-laundering American hero and an oddball Pennsylvanian Pirates fan?

RockMeAmadeus site profile image  

8/29/13 10:59 PM by RockMeAmadeus

i don't believe it's joe silva making these awful match-ups like this one and the machida-diaz.something or someone strange is making these. IS TITO WORKING FOR THE UFC NOW??????

newjack900 site profile image  

8/29/13 10:30 PM by newjack900

Joe Silva... c'mon bro

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8/29/13 8:18 PM by Chiron

Not interested in seeing Davis "fight" at all. On the other hand, though I totally see why many don't like this matchup, I actually think it's a decent matchup.It isn't really a great matchup but it might not be as bad as it seems because Chael has the wrestling (freestyle and MMA) to be a challenge for Davis and Chael isn't getting another title shot anytime soon anyway. It seems like Chael's only matches ahead are going to be for the hell of it and if he can derail Davis, which he might, then he'd be doing us all a favor by sending one of the most boring "fighters" in the sport back to the end of the line. Plus, considering where Davis is at in the ranking it would help push Chael higher than fighting Wanderlei would.I'd still like to see Chael vs Wanderlei but they could still matchup these two up whether or not Chael beat Davis.

babbling monkey site profile image  

8/29/13 7:27 PM by babbling monkey

Interesting matchup, would love to see this fight. I predict five rounds of standup with Davis getting the decision.

GarlicSauce site profile image  

8/29/13 7:26 PM by GarlicSauce

So much "don't care", it hurts.

DatSpider site profile image  

8/29/13 7:25 PM by DatSpider

Wondered the same. Great history between him and Sonnen, and as you said it also means something. I have no interest in Davis-Sonnen, whatsoever ( as bad as Machida-Kennedy), but I guess a win over Davis will rank Sonnen as the no.2 guy in the lhw division lol.

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8/29/13 7:22 PM by Kick Boxe


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8/29/13 7:18 PM by dimesnake