White: Pettis has advantage over Aldo at 145


Immediately after armbarring Benson Henderson, Anthony Pettis called out UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

Jose Aldo, we’ve got some unfinished business," said Pettis in the cage. "Your belt or my belt."

The 'unfinished business' line refers to a fight between Pettis and Aldo that had been scheduled for UFC 163 on August 3rd, that was scrapped when Pettis hurt his knee. The 'your belt or my belt' refers to Pettis' willingness to drop to 145 and SuperFight Aldo for the featherweight title, or welcome Aldo for a shot at his lightweight title.

Aldo's mananger, Nova Uniao founder Andre Pederneiras, immediately took to Twitter, and accepted the challenge, at 145, not 155.

However, UFC president Dana White, while respectful of Pederneiras, said he thought the manager put his fighter at a psychological disadvantage.

“This is what drives me crazy about managers, and I love him, he’s a good guy," said White of Pedereiras following the UFC 164 post-fight press conference. "I’ve known Andre for years, but when you come out and make a statement like that, you make it look like your guy is afraid of him. You make it look like Aldo is afraid, and that might not be Aldo’s same opinion."

“It might be his manager saying, ‘This is what I want to happen here,’ but it makes it look like he’s afraid of Anthony Pettis, which already gives Anthony Pettis an advantage.”

“That is a sick fight. Here’s the thing, you can tell 100 percent Anthony Pettis is willing to go anywhere it takes. I know that Jose’s coach is saying, ‘Hey, he can come down here at 145,’ because they think it'll be at a disadvantage [for Pettis], whereas I actually think [Pettis would] be at a huge advantage at 145, where he’s big, strong."

“I think you’re gonna see Pettis more willing to go where the fight can happen.”

“Either way, if Aldo goes to Pettis or Pettis goes to Aldo, they’re gonna fight.”

Exactly when the fight will happen is unknown, pending the results of an MRI on Pettis' knee, which he reported 'popped' during the fight.

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RockMeAmadeus site profile image  

9/1/13 6:22 PM by RockMeAmadeus

Anthony Pettis = THE NEW LW + FW CHAMPION 2014

AlexanderTheGOAT site profile image  

9/1/13 5:53 PM by AlexanderTheGOAT

It really is

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/1/13 5:46 PM by chaplinshouse

would dana let him defend at both? kind of unchartered ground.  even if not, which is probably unlikely given the time between championship fights for each class when juggling, then pettis will always have that on his resume that he held two belts at the same time.  plus he'll have the 145 belt on his mantle right by the 155.  in p4p talks u can't fuck with it

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

9/1/13 5:37 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Wherever the fight happens a belt gets vacated. If Aldo goes to 145 and wins he should be able to choose which belt he wants to keep defending. Beating Aldo at his own weight class would be epic. I love two division champs.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/1/13 5:15 PM by chaplinshouse

how can you speak for aldo staying at 155? did he go on record as saying this? i don't think so how can you speak for pettis? and even if he did go "right back to 155", how does that = zero meaning? assuming he wins, nothing in mma has more meaning than holding TWO championship belts from two long time legit champs in two deep divisions.  assuming he loses, he still has a ufc championship belt, and everyone knows he fears no one, in a sport where the safe guys get no respect.   bless your heart.  about the most impressive thing a fighter can do, you call "zero meaning."  

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

9/1/13 5:08 PM by Reed Rothchild

Lets see Pettis defend his title a few times at 155

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

9/1/13 5:03 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Aldo will stay at 155 if he wins there. If Pettis wins at 145 he goes right back to 155 and the fight had zero meaning in the division. Lol

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

9/1/13 5:00 PM by Unwariestpickle

Aldo's killing himself to make 145 why not make the switch to 155?

2Fort site profile image  

9/1/13 4:59 PM by 2Fort

There has been talk of Aldo going to 155 for a long time, I can't think of a more perfect time and fight for this happen. Pettis vs Aldo is a superfight, it's almost as big as Anderson vs Jones to me.

gokudamus stole my name iv site profile image  

9/1/13 4:53 PM by gokudamus stole my name iv

Sounds good to me, I don't care what title they fight for. Aldo is probably bigger than Pettis. This is one of the most exciting matchups possible in MMA today.