Cormier's special requests for Nelson's beard/hair


Daniel Cormier has a tough test in front of him at UFC 166 in the form of Roy Nelson, but some things outside of his fighting skin and iron chin have Cormier concerned:

"The thing about the beard is it doesn't seem to be well-kept, so I'm going to request that there's a rubber band in it and that it comes straight down," Cormier said at Friday's UFC Fight Club Q&A session in Milwaukee. "Also, I'm going to ask that they put his hair in two plaits off to the side. Part it down the middle, plait it on the sides. I don't want it all in my face."

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Durk McGurk site profile image  

9/3/13 1:51 PM by Durk McGurk

Ha. That's a funny post. Go back under your bridge troll. Old fatty aint got nothing for DC but some burger king coupons.

J2C1 site profile image  

9/3/13 1:47 PM by J2C1

I hope this pisses Roy off so bad that he comes in a possessed killer a la CroCop V Wand 2 and takes his opponents head off. I fear a happy Roy stands little chance against DC.

ajl416az site profile image  

9/3/13 1:21 PM by ajl416az

can't blame him.i hate rolling with people who have long untied hair. one of the nastiest things on earth is pulling a long hair from a sweaty dude out of your mouthguard.

Bill Pharoni site profile image  

9/3/13 1:09 PM by Bill Pharoni

I thought it was a funny joke, though I wouldn't be surprised if somebody requested Roy clean up a bit. He looks like shit.

RileyPust site profile image  

9/3/13 12:38 PM by RileyPust

It's a fair request, I would not want Roy's beard or Guida's hair in my eyes and mouth. That and Roy's beard looks like it would smell like Charlie Sheen's carpet.

fraz1001 site profile image  

9/3/13 11:25 AM by fraz1001

Roy needs to clean up his appearance I think DC is just playing mind games with him thoughDC takes the W in this match up

HexRei site profile image  

9/3/13 11:14 AM by HexRei

uh, we're talking a sport where there is an actual "69 position" that you may find yourself in with another dude. get over the beard.

Media Monster site profile image  

9/3/13 11:03 AM by Media Monster


MVP131 site profile image  

9/3/13 9:52 AM by MVP131

Cormier sounding like a prissy bitch.

Aaron Becker site profile image  

9/3/13 8:52 AM by Aaron Becker

the olympic wrestler doesn't have physical skills to compete with Roy?