Machida: Teixeira will be the champion


Glover Teixeira might be the next in line for a UFC title shot if he gets past Ryan Bader, and Lyoto Machida believes not only will he beat Bader, but also champion Jon Jones if given the chance:

"I believe Glover is the next champion," Machida told "I don’t see anyone in the light heavyweight division to stop Glover Teixeira. Not even Jon Jones."

"We train together for a long time," he said. "To do well against him, you really, really need to know what you’re doing. He’s too strong for this division. He’s a heavyweight, and he’s durable. He will hurt you for five rounds."

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sparkuri site profile image  

9/5/13 11:37 PM by sparkuri


mcq site profile image  

9/5/13 11:28 PM by mcq

There seems to be a lot of hype for a guy that hasn't fought a top 10... or has he?

big_roy_fan site profile image  

9/4/13 7:17 PM by big_roy_fan

machida must have accidently drank some of nick diaz's urine and got stoned

IhaveDSL'SforPettis site profile image  

9/4/13 7:09 PM by IhaveDSL'SforPettis

Back at ya

Van Terminator site profile image  

9/4/13 6:48 PM by Van Terminator

Glover is not the one the prophecy spoke of. Jones' reign of terror has many years left to run.

T Bag site profile image  

9/4/13 6:20 PM by T Bag

Lol no

MediumRareMistake site profile image  

9/4/13 6:17 PM by MediumRareMistake

lol VU

I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo site profile image  

9/4/13 6:15 PM by I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo

This is not a biased opinion. Not one bit. Not at all.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

9/4/13 6:12 PM by DoomFarmer

I agree.

The Winter Soldier site profile image  

9/4/13 5:18 PM by The Winter Soldier

Wow, Machida says a fellow Brazilian and training partner will be the next belt holder. Never saw that coming./s