Robin Black on Carlos Condit's kinesthetically adaptive unconscious


In the latest edition of Robin Black's 5 Rounds on the Fight Network, Black breaks down Carlos Condit's highly-evolved mental response system, and how he used it to take apart Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 27.

Black is a former glam rock star, professional MMA fighter, and current MMA color commentator and media figure on the Canadian MMA scene and internationally.


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9/6/13 12:58 AM by garrote


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9/6/13 12:04 AM by Ramy Daoud


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9/5/13 11:55 PM by pheonix5

Kinesthetic awareness was a very good point. I noticed in this fight, and you can see it with Alpha Males striking since getting Ludwig, is their sense of distance management has greatly improved. Some people argue with me when I say I think footwork is the most important skill in striking, but you see it in all of the champs. One of the newest, and I think he'll be champ one day, is Connor Mcgregor. His sense of distance is excellent.

AndyMain site profile image  

9/5/13 11:33 PM by AndyMain

Cool breakdown. The only way any of that happens is when a person is extremely proficient at the techniques. Condit is a phenominal striker which is why he is so fluid and can make decisions without thinking. Same thing when a top level grappler gets in his groove on the ground. Fighting literally becomes second nature. Although I truly believe we are built for hand to hand combat and it's a matter of unlocking that level of conciousness or unconciousness depending on how you look at it.  Id venture to guess that a mixed martial artist that reaches that level is the closest thing to a super human there is.

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9/5/13 7:09 PM by James Vagabond

Subbed for later

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9/5/13 6:58 PM by sakurabasHeadBeatAronasKnee


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9/5/13 6:56 PM by Robin Black

I only met Mike once.I was commentating Pat Cote's last fight pre returning to the UFC, and Goldberg was there.Mike and Pat are good friends and their wives are like best friends. UFC was off so Mike came to watch and have some beers and cheer for Pat.Gave Ramdeen and I some good advice on doing the call. SUPER cool dude!

Robin Black site profile image  

9/5/13 6:50 PM by Robin Black

I'm like 90 hours a week MMA. No time for much else.I wasn't a very good musician anyways. Wasn't a good fighter either.I feel like I'm starting to get good at this. Learning and analyzing. And I absolutely love it like crazy.So this is what I spend all my time on.Thanks again guys I really try my best to make these breakdowns good, I truly appreciate the vote of confidence.

Robin Black site profile image  

9/5/13 6:47 PM by Robin Black

Wow, thanks for the love.Really appreciate it. Tons.Really glad lotsa people liked it (and only some hated it).:)

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9/5/13 6:45 PM by FedorEmilioEstevez

Good stuff Robin