Rebney: Askren the best wrestler in MMA


Bellator CEO Bjron Rebney appeared on Friday's edition of Inside MMA on AXS TV, and discussed free(ish) agent and Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren. Rebney has declined to extend their champion a contract to stay on, instead waiting for the UFC to make the first offer, before deciding to match it, or not.

"What I said was is that I wouldn't stand in his way of going and getting an offer, that I wouldn't require him to spend 90 or 100 days sitting on the shelf negotiating with us," said Rebney. "Ben said he wanted to go out and see what the UFC would offer. I said, 'You know what, let's cut this short. You go see what theyl offer, and we'll go make a determination from there.' So right now, we're just waiting for Ben to come back, show us the offer from the UFC, and we'll make a determination from there."

"I have been a staunch supporter of Ben Askren. "We can all agree, he is ridiculously one-dimensional. But the issue with that one dimension is that he's better at it than anyone on the face of the earth. He has been dominant inside of our cage. He's the best wrestler in MMA that we have in this sport.

"So look, if you don't like wrestling and you don't like what Ben does, then stop it. That's why they call it a fight. Ben famously said up in Canada, 'If you want to see two guys stand in the middle of the cage and hit each other in the face, there's a sport called boxing.' He's executed beautifully."

"We'll see what happens with Ben. I don't know if Ben will be with us, I don't know if Ben will be with the UFC. But wherever he goes, he will remain dominant and he will remain amazingly effective at the one thing he does better than anybody."

So what do you think UG? In a field that includes Dan Henderson, GSP, Daniel Cormier, does Askren come out on top?

And where will Askren end up?

Transcription courtesy of MMAJunkie.

(Askren remarks begin at 5:23 mark)


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Mark Hunter site profile image  

9/9/13 7:33 PM by Mark Hunter

That's actually a damn good idea.

UGK4Life site profile image  

9/9/13 6:59 PM by UGK4Life

Hendricks must have GSPs Pink Knights a little shook. They didn't come out in the dozens to defend GSP as the best wrestler in MMA. Shocking....

JStrongMMA site profile image  

9/9/13 10:16 AM by JStrongMMA

Well...he is one of the best wrestler is NCAA history and was an he is probably the best wrestler in mma. He just needs to round out the rest of his game.

Steve4192 site profile image  

9/9/13 9:59 AM by Steve4192

GSP is grossly overrated as a wrestler by MMA fans. He is the best in the world at transitioning from striking to wrestling, has a powerful double leg once he makes that transition, and has a great base for maintain top control, but that is the extent what we have seen of his wrestling. While that is more than enough to be incredibly successful in MMA, it doesn't mean he is a great all-around wrestler. It just means he has a few wrestling techniques that he applies to MMA better than anyone in the world. In a straight up wrestling match, where there is no striking or transitions from striking, Askren would demolish him.

binga site profile image  

9/9/13 9:40 AM by binga

Better than Cormier and GSP?... Gtfo!

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

9/9/13 12:36 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Askren vs Maia please

LILBROCK site profile image  

9/8/13 11:20 PM by LILBROCK

I can't believe so many are still so confused by the matching clause and act like it's something shady or unique to Bellator contracts. Many organizations and other sports utilize them. The fighters (including Alvarez) are aware of them and it's very simple in Bellators case. If they think a fighter is worth what the UFC offered, they will match. If it's too high, they will not. Examples...Lombard: UFC offered a huge signing bonus and show money. Bellator didn't want to match so he went on to the UFC with no issues.Alvarez: UFC offered a significantly smaller amount versus the Lombard offer so it was worth it to Bellator to keep him. They matched.Askren: Unknown at this point. If the UFC offers him a $400K signing bonus, $300K to show, and a PPV percentage like they did Hector, they'll likely let him go. If they offer him $20K + $20K, it would probably be worth it to keep him. Askren made it clear he wanted to field other offers and they are allowing him to go ahead and do that.

Oontyex site profile image  

9/8/13 11:12 PM by Oontyex

Gsp, Hendrix, ellenberg, Rory, condit beat askren

DrunkenKangarooZ site profile image  

9/8/13 11:11 PM by DrunkenKangarooZ

Lol at him trying to sell Ben to the UFC so he can counter the offer