TUF 18, Epsisode 2 discussion & recap


The 18th season of the Ultimate Fighter debuted last week on FOX Sports 1 and featured sixteen first round bouts to determine which eight men and eight women would enter the house. After the bouts, coaches Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey picked teams and the first round women's match up was announced with Shayna Baszler vs. Julianna Pena.


Discuss tonight's episodes as it airs, live on Fox Sports 1 at 10:00 PM ET...

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Ch1ef site profile image  

9/18/13 9:16 PM by Ch1ef

No episode 3 sticky?

phydeau site profile image  

9/18/13 9:10 PM by phydeau

TTT for episode 3

PettisBendownedMeForMe site profile image  

9/13/13 10:37 AM by PettisBendownedMeForMe

It would be worth it, best 10 seconds of my life, but if I'm lucky mighty go few minutes.

ssj site profile image  

9/13/13 8:41 AM by ssj

she would arousey you then armbar your penis in halfsnapbeep

Jack Carter site profile image  

9/12/13 8:26 PM by Jack Carter

Wow, I always thought Rousey was the hero and Meisha was the bitch. Turns out Ronda is a psycho bitch and Meisha is fucking awesome.

Jack Carter site profile image  

9/12/13 8:23 PM by Jack Carter

Imagine if you were her BF, but she was wayyyy into you.

btr740 site profile image  

9/12/13 8:21 PM by btr740

Is it out of line to ask if Pena had a lip hanging out at the very end of rd 1? It kinda looked that way to me, but maybe I'm crazy.

kevsh site profile image  

9/12/13 8:19 PM by kevsh

I was just wondering if there'll be a wildcard this season? I don't recall Dana mentioning it in the first two shows. Seeing as how both the guys and girls have 8 fighters I assume not ... ?

ssj site profile image  

9/12/13 8:06 PM by ssj

considering TUF is supposedly mainstream and people get to see that ronda on tuf without any preconceived notions ...yes.

willienugget site profile image  

9/12/13 5:28 PM by willienugget

Do you honestly believe, outside of the diehard mma forums, that the perception of Ronda is negative?