Pena: I made Ronda Rousey cry and I love it


You never know what is going to happen in MMA, which is why you have the fight.

Tara LaRosa, with a 21-3 record and over a decade in the sport was an early favorite to win TUF 18. She didn't make past the opening round to get into the house.

Shayna Baszler, also with a decade of professional experience, held wins over UFC fighters Alexis Davis and Julie Kedzie, and was also an early and heavy favorite.

In the run up to last night's fight vs. Julianna "The Venezulan Vixen" Pena, both Baszler and Rousey were pointedly confident.

“I’m not gonna lose to her,” Baszler said before the fight. “She doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring with me. She should be coming to my seminars and learning.”

Rousey echoed similar sentiments.

“Shayna’s great, she’s ready," said Rousey. "This other girl doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her, and she knows it.”

Then Baszler tapped to a rear naked choke in the second round.

In an interview with MMAFighting's  Shaun Al-Shatti, Pena opened up about the win

Shaun Al-Shatti: Shayna, in particular, really poured it on. She said you should've been coming to her seminars. She repeated that sort of sentiment over and over throughout the episode.

Julianna Pena: Yep, and it hurt her. When she's on the bed talking about how I'm not the girl to put the stamp on her, from her body language, it didn't look like she was really believing it. She was just talking to talk. For them to say things like, I don't deserve to breathe the same air as Shayna, or, I can't hold a candle to anybody she's fought -- it just really backfired. If she's not going to be a little more humble in the future, maybe she should. Because I think, personally, she looks extremely stupid. It should make her take a little piece of that humble pie and shove it down her throat.

SA: Ronda got incredibly emotional afterward. Was that just for the cameras or did you guys see that too?

JP: No, I didn't see that. But I definitely saw the dynamics change between her and Miesha after that. Obviously they've had their tiffs in the past, but for the most part, they were cordial with one another. Me and Miesha both agreed, ‘Hmmm, Ronda's being nice. This is kinda weird.' And then, bang! Right after that fight against Shayna, it flipped a switch. After that Ronda was a nightmare. She just couldn't stand the fact that I took out her No. 1 pick. And yeah, it made her cry. That's great. I made Ronda Rousey cry and I love it.

SA: When Ronda got angry and chastised Miesha for smiling after your win, you were right there. Was Miesha doing anything disrespectful or ridiculous, or was Ronda just being dramatic?

JP: Absolutely not. That was Ronda being a big baby. She was so upset that I won, she was trying to look for anything to use as an excuse to talk crap to Miesha. And she found it. Miesha was obviously happy for me. Miesha has competed against Shanya herself and has known Shayna for a while. Shayna is her friend. So for Ronda to be like, ‘You were laughing at my girl's pain! That's the reason why I'm going to destroy you!' It was like, again, it's just so dumb. Grow up. Miesha knows Shanya. They're friends. She's not smiling at her pain. She's happy for me. Only Ronda would twist those type of emotions into something that would make it bad. Because that's the way she thinks.

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Recent Comments »

Ryan Black site profile image  

9/14/13 1:01 PM by Ryan Black

I really like Juliana Peña. She seems a very talented prospect. She listened to her corner throughout the fight, came out guns blazing, and *did* throw the first bigger punch... and after it landed, it really seemed to do exactly what Meisha had expected it would when she was explaining the gameplan. She looked great against a formidable opponent. She seems to have a lot of heart, and I for one can certainly admire that. Great fight, in my opinion. Can't wait to see more of her.

ProteinOverdrive site profile image  

9/14/13 12:04 PM by ProteinOverdrive

She won't lose anything. In fact look at this forum, it's nothing but Ronda threads. People love drama, and she is bringing a lot of it. She is also the champion. I won't be surprised if this TUF turns out to be record breaking.

Powerful DJH site profile image  

9/14/13 11:56 AM by Powerful DJH

OK dick. I don't care how edited the footage was, that's a scapegoat for people who act like assholes on TV. I might not have the qualifications you have asshole but I was going off what I saw. The way she walked to the ring, throwing the door open and walking by Tate, who also noticed how stupid she looked walking like that after the fight made me laugh my ass off. She has never walked like that before Its just my opinion and it seems to be shared by the majority of MMA fans. I was a huge rousey fan but her personality has changed a lot since the meisha fight and it sucks. opinion she is trying too hard to be a hard ass all the time. Most people don't think she came off firey and competitive dude, I'm sorry, its true. She came off like a petulant kid and a brat sore loser. It wasn't editing that made her cry and act like that.

tetris site profile image  

9/14/13 10:16 AM by tetris

You can tell pena is raw talent. Watching her hit the pads gave me the feeling that she was not a good striker and baszler is a monster on the mat so i didnt that she would want to play there but once the bell rang she really made it come together. I am a fan now and i have a feeling she is going to improve leaps and bounds once she gets to work with more coaches.

1oldfart site profile image  

9/14/13 10:15 AM by 1oldfart

love penas fighting style, she is fearlesswill rousey turn into a rampage and whine/cry about evrything?

tetris site profile image  

9/14/13 10:12 AM by tetris

Well played good sir

showgun site profile image  

9/14/13 8:08 AM by showgun

I loved seeing her in pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I swear i went back and rewound it and popped another bag of popcorn and relished in her pain and misery!!!!!!!! PENA WHIPPED THAT ASS

Atkinson site profile image  

9/14/13 8:06 AM by Atkinson

Exactly.. Shaynas trash talk of Pena in the lead up should be a blueprint for exactly what NOT to do for other fighters in future.

Atkinson site profile image  

9/14/13 8:04 AM by Atkinson

You kids should become online psychologists with such incredible levels of intuition to tell when someone is not being themselves via edited video footage.She's a mean and nasty bitch when it comes to competition and she's coming across exactly how I'd expect her too.

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

9/14/13 6:54 AM by KZTT_W85

YepShayna- "I'm just doing a ten minute circuit that I can choose to finish whenever I want"When you go in with that mindset and your opponent gives serious resistance, things turn ugly.Big difference between that and 'boosting confidence'