White: BJ Penn is fighting some demons right now


UFC president Dana White recently conducted a Google Hangout and covered a wide variety of topics, most topically, the recently announced BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar fight at featherweight, which will be preceeded by opposing coaching stints on TUF.

The pair fought twice, with Edgar taking Penn's lightweight title in 2010, and then beating him even more decisively in the rematch.

BJ wants revenge.

"B.J. sends me a text that says, ‘Dana, I want to fight Ben Henderson,'" related White. "So I immediately pick up my phone and call him, and he doesn't answer. This was two days ago."

"B.J. calls me 45 minutes later. He's like, ‘Hey Dana, I didn't answer your phone call because I don't want you to talk me out of this. I know how you are. I know what you're going to say, and you're going to talk me out of it.' I was like, you're damn right I'm going to talk you out of it. He says, ‘The reason I want to fight Ben Henderson is because I believe if I beat Ben Henderson, you'll give me a shot to fight Frankie Edgar.' I'm like, ‘Frankie Edgar?' And he goes, ‘Yeah, I want this Frankie Edgar fight worse than anything. Those two losses are a rock in my shoe. He should've never beat me. That guy can't beat me.'"

"B.J. is one of these guys who, I think, is fighting some demons right now, in that, if he could go back and do it all over again, I think he'd do it differently."

"I'll tell you again. B.J. Penn is a legend. He's been here since the day we bought the company. Me and B.J. have had our times when we butted heads on many things. If he wants it, I'm going to give it to him."

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Frank Mir Cat site profile image  

9/14/13 2:21 PM by Frank Mir Cat

Thanks for noticing.

NAKMEEZY site profile image  

9/14/13 12:47 PM by NAKMEEZY

Not a fan of BJ but gotta admire his love for the fight game, he definitely does not need this fight for the moneyFrankie by tko round 3

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

9/14/13 9:21 AM by Malvert the Janitor

You post too much....and your content is far too original...

Frank Mir Cat site profile image  

9/14/13 9:00 AM by Frank Mir Cat

I'm worried for Frankie, BJ fights to the living death.

BLACK ROOSTER site profile image  

9/13/13 9:48 PM by BLACK ROOSTER


gokudamus site profile image  

9/13/13 9:48 PM by gokudamus

weird...i thought he and bendo were homies

Ocean6 site profile image  

9/13/13 9:44 PM by Ocean6

Ah, the oft spoken of but lately very, nay the extremely rare Motivated Penn.Hailing from and native to the East side of the Big Island of Hawaii,The motivated Penn enjoyed its hay-day in years past.After many promises of its resurrection, we have been disappointed at this elusive creature's no-shows.So, will we see the magnificent Motivated Penn again soon?We can only hope.

Trane site profile image  

9/13/13 8:47 PM by Trane

Oops, didn't realize that he's fighting Edgar. Edgar by Easter Bunny.

Trane site profile image  

9/13/13 8:44 PM by Trane

BJ by basic armbar over Bendo?