White: Nick Diaz probably not fighting because he has 'kickback' money


Back in 2011 Nick Diaz famously lamented his financial state on a video.

"I'm over here driving a f---ing Honda," said Daiz. "Because my s---'s breaking down."

That is apparently no longer the case, and UFC president Dana White attributes his improved finances to the length of his current retirement, as transcribed ny 5thround.

“He's still an active fighter here in the UFC, but as far as I know, he’s just not interested in fighting right now," said White during Thursday's Google Hangout. "He doesn’t want a fight. Obviously, when Nick finally fought Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz made some money. So, Nick Diaz has some kickback money. He can probably take as long as he wants to fight again. I would assume that’s why."

“You’re fighting to make a living. You’re fighting to pay your bills. You’re fighting to get things that you want out of life. With the money that Nick Diaz made in his last fight, I’m sure he’s got everything he wants right now.”

There is indeed documentary proof the dramatic change!

This series of adjacent images shows Nick Diaz before and after 'kickback money,' and the change is obvious.

Nick before kickback money:

Nick after kickback money (no romoshops)*:

So what do you think UG? Is Diaz staying retired as he made some kickback money? And how long will the retirement last?

*OK, there was one.

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opkill1 site profile image  

9/15/13 2:07 PM by opkill1

Fuck you

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9/14/13 6:21 PM by dermotfix


LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

9/14/13 3:05 PM by LayzieTheSavage

Nick was down to fight Machida. He seems happy to me. He's definitely not worried about money at this point.    Nick has been training like a savage ninja warrior since he was 16. He's actually getting a chance to enjoy his life right now and do whatever it is he feels like waking up and doing that day (still includes training 99 times out of a 100). I'm not mad at him for that.   They're here in Vegas right now, training with Roy Nelson, Kron Gracie and a ton of crew members.    

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

9/14/13 1:43 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

LOL @ the before and after kickback money

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

9/14/13 12:27 PM by Leck Brosnar

I have already said that I've posted on every Diaz thread I've seen, atleast IMO. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? LOL your "arguments" are getting weak. You calling me a hater while I back everything I "hate" with facts. DEAL WITH IT 209 ;)I mean so weak, I'm laughing here and LOLing while watching Jeremy Jackson sleep Diaz in a loop. LOL ;)

SickEyeDiaz site profile image  

9/14/13 12:24 PM by SickEyeDiaz

You still haven't explained your reasoning for only talking shit the last couple months. Duck duck duck :) lets hear it son!

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

9/14/13 12:19 PM by Leck Brosnar

All I see is you ducking any counter arguments. What question? My earlier name? Pm a mod and ask. Duck duck duck, kinda like Diaz against Hieron and Braulio, ;)

SickEyeDiaz site profile image  

9/14/13 12:10 PM by SickEyeDiaz

You've successfully evaded my question yet again. Well played shady. Troll on.

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

9/14/13 11:35 AM by Leck Brosnar

So you lose? I'm a hater but I have facts backing me, you post Serra gifs as soon as shit gets too tough, LOL ;)

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

9/14/13 11:34 AM by Leck Brosnar

Yep, these are the nuthuggers that I'm talking about, living in their own 209 worlds. Fucking delusional...