Caraway: Rousey 'very, very angry pants all the time'


Prior to their March 2012 fight, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate engaged in pre fight trash talk so pointed that the night before the fight Tate's boyfriend UFC fighter Bryan Caraway was dragged into the mix, kicking and screaming.

Rousey had appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience BLOG #15 and, laughing, said "I want to fight Miesha next, and then after that I want to fight her boyfriend."

When asked if she really thought she could beat Caraway, Rousey said yes, twice.

When asked on Twitter about the comments, Caraway was intially light hearted, but was goaded into more bitter replies.

Who would win in an Mma fight, @rondarousey or @BryanCaraway ? Bookies have #Ronda as a 3-1 fav

thats honestly a joke an a publicity stunt! It would be no comparison I could use 1 arm seriously lol

you like stomping on women? that's classy. @RondaRousey is going to break your girlfriends arm. lolz!

and if she wants to challenge a man I'll knock her teeth dwn her throat the break her arm!

are you the Chris brown of mma? Fight @CMPunk he isn't down for women hitters

‏ @BryanCaraway
oh I dnt hit Women! But she not a women. She gonna act like a dude she can deal w the consequences.

dana will drop your ass for threatening a woman

I just said if she wanted to COMPETE against me that's what would happen

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Things in the TUF house were just as bitter as on Twitter. Caraway is of course a Team Tate assistant coach. The vitriol came to a head when Team Tate's Jessica Pena tapped Team Rousey's #1 pick Shayna Baszler.

Caraway recently appeared on MMA's Great Debate Radio, and recounted the speech have gave the team afterwards.

"Everybody, every single one of you on our team thought she was going to lose," Caraway recounted. "Look what happened. She went out there and dominated round two, beat her up and finished her and I said 'that can be you'. If you even have a moment of doubt that should take your doubt away."

The win gave Team Tate the right to pick the next opponent, in this case in a male fight. They picked Rousey's #1 pick Chris Beal, who hurt his hand in the fight to get into the house.

The move upset Rousey to the point of noise, cursing, and tears. Caraway said there is more to come.

"Everybody's eventually going to see that," said Caraway. "I think it's going to be hard for The Ultimate Fighter to edit out how she is. I do believe they have been editing in her favor because she is the UFC world champion. I just want people to see her for who she really is—she's kind of a stuck up, snotty person and just very bitter all the time, very angry. She seems very, very angry pants all the time. I just hope that gets out."

"I'm not just saying this, I don't have any more bitter feelings over Ronda. I let a fan rile me up and get under my skin a year and a half ago and I said some things not even towards Ronda, but about her skill set and some theories, and used some stupid words and she chose to use that in battle."

"I don't have any hatred towards her, but I feel like she just like she's just kind of a snobby person. She can be nice, everybody can be nice, everybody has different sides to them, but I think she was worried about how she is coming off because she knows how she is. She knows what kind of person deep down inside that she is. That's what she's worried about."

"We can't fight fire with fire. We can't thrive off of negativity like she does. When we did it was just bad for us, so we decided to be better and not bitter. Everybody sees who we really are. We're there for the fighters. It was about them."

What do you think UG? Is Ronda very, very angry pants? Or simply a truly intense competitor?

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Atkinson site profile image  

9/16/13 8:51 AM by Atkinson

Do you have the official thread or link to Uriah saying he didn't see anything?

Jay-dog site profile image  

9/16/13 6:24 AM by Jay-dog

What kind of grown man says angry pants? I take anything this guy says with a grain of salt.

Atkinson site profile image  

9/16/13 4:23 AM by Atkinson

I'm sure DFW gives a fuck what a mudder on the UG thinks too

slamming site profile image  

9/16/13 4:19 AM by slamming

Ronda is coming off like a disrespectful bitch on the show, so I have no trouble believing this. Go Meisha.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

9/16/13 3:47 AM by ChaosOverkill

"Miesha says she is an angry pants, so I will also say the flaming combination of words 'angry pants'"

RICKDOGG site profile image  

9/15/13 2:04 AM by RICKDOGG

This^^ is what I meant lol

RICKDOGG site profile image  

9/15/13 2:00 AM by RICKDOGG

Hey Captain stop saving this hoe,You just saw that he was baited into it.Dicks like you made it into a big deal when it was pretty obvious he doesn't hit women.U must be the kind of guy that would let a woman just slap the shit out of you & do nothing right? Get the fuck outta here he said he would defend himself.Caraway is an easy target so u jumped on the train.I would love to be there if you ever ran into him so I could lmao when u run up & ask him for his autograph.I said the same shit about Ronda the other day.Just because she is a great fighter doesn't mean she isn't a spiteful piece of garbage for a human being.It is a little fucked up to attack someone as a man when you have NO evidence to back up what you are saying.Who's the real dick?

crazydave site profile image  

9/14/13 10:08 AM by crazydave


FOX Force Five site profile image  

9/14/13 9:55 AM by FOX Force Five

Should point out that her poor behavour doesn't diminish my respect for her as a fighter.

FOX Force Five site profile image  

9/14/13 9:53 AM by FOX Force Five

I think "Angry pants" is being pretty diplomatic.Due to my Judo I've been aware of Ronda for much longer than her MMA stint, and have numerous posts here in multiple threads praising her abilities.2 weeks into TUF and the best adjective I can find is "Bat shit crazy"