Teixeira: 'Fingers crossed' on title shot


UFC Glover Teixeira had been pencilled in to fight the winner of Saturday's Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson title bout. However, the fight was so tremendous, and close, that many feel an immediate rematch is warranted. While cautioning that the rematch talk is premature before the cuts and bruises heal, UFC president Dana White was amenable to the idea.

One figure who isn't is Glover Teixeira.

"Even I want to watch that fight again," said Teixeira. "But it's hard to say I'm OK with it, because I worked so hard to get this opportunity. I felt like I had my hands right there on the chance, and now they're going to take it away from me, and who knows for how long? It could be a year from now. It's really upsetting to me."

"It was a very close fight, but I scored the first round for Gustafsson and all the other rounds to Jones even though it was close — very close. Jones was getting hit a lot, but also he was pushing forward and trying to get takedowns, as well as catching Gustafsson with kicks and elbows."

"There's no way I'm just going to sit around. I'm healthy. I'm good. I had a few minor injuries before the fight with Bader, but nothing major, and we're getting it taken care of. I could be ready to fight in three or four months, and I don't want to wait. If they're going to do this rematch, then I want to get in there and fight someone else."

"I want that title shot. That's all I want. I'll sit back and wait and cross my fingers."

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Ironhouse site profile image  

9/26/13 9:30 AM by Ironhouse

http://www.mmafighting.com/2013/9/26/4772818/glover-teixeira-not-alexander-gustafsson-next-for-jon-jonesYes, this is IRL Rocky!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPY5W2uENgU

MTH site profile image  

9/25/13 12:06 PM by MTH

I say put Glover in, the rematch can wait. I generally am not in favor of immediate rematches.  In MMA, these guys often fight twice a year, sometimes more.  A rematch would be so much more exciting if it both Jones and Gust. won another fight in the interim.  And assuming both won, that puts a rematch a year away or maybe even less.  Hardly a long wait.  If the challenger took the belt in a razor thin decision, then maybe an immediate rematch would be in order.  But the champ here won.  A close decision, but he won.  So let him have the victory.  Signing up an immediate rematch basically just wipes the conclusion of the first fight off the table and adds another five rounds to it.  It's like a 10-rounder with a break between the first 5 and the latter 5. 

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

9/25/13 9:18 AM by Bobby Lupo

Doing it like Chuck, staying busy. Keep knocking dudes out and he'll get the shot. There's no way the UFC isn't going to sell Gusta-Bones 2 after that classic, so Glover just has to keep breaking heads.

Jo'donnell-Davies site profile image  

9/25/13 7:24 AM by Jo'donnell-Davies

Mousasi vs glover?

BJJkilla site profile image  

9/25/13 12:24 AM by BJJkilla

glover stands no chance, jones will use his height and reach to keep glover away and then take him down quick.

ssj site profile image  

9/24/13 11:20 PM by ssj

his G Lover

bigbenpie site profile image  

9/24/13 7:08 PM by bigbenpie

I hope Glover gets it, bones n Gus are both young and have a long time to rematch again, what's the point in rushing it?

ManWithTheIronFists site profile image  

9/24/13 6:41 PM by ManWithTheIronFists

Who did he say that to?

The Winter Soldier site profile image  

9/24/13 6:03 PM by The Winter Soldier

"I bet you lay awake all night dreaming of a real man. I tell you what, you bring your pretty little self to my apartment and I'll show you a real man."   --Glover

KOdClowning site profile image  

9/24/13 4:24 PM by KOdClowning

Is Teixeira hurting Alexander Gustaffson's Family back in Sweden?