White's top 5 pound for pound fighters


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Dana says his top 5 pound-for-pound fighters currently are JBJ, Anderson, GSP, Renan & Aldo
Dana White has Jones, Silva, St. Pierre, Barao and Aldo as top five pound-for-pound

So there you have it:
1. Jon Jones
2. Anderson Silva
3. Georges St-Pierre
4. Renan Barao
5. Jose Aldo

What is your top 5?

And are Cain Velasquez, Demetrious Johnson, or  Chris Weidman who famously toppled Anderson Silva on your list?


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1BL0Wko site profile image  

9/25/13 10:50 PM by 1BL0Wko


KingOfFighters site profile image  

9/25/13 12:32 PM by KingOfFighters

1. Jose Aldo2. Anderson Silva3. Georges St-Pierre4. jon jones5. Renan Barao

Legalize It site profile image  

9/25/13 12:29 PM by Legalize It

... because I spit hot fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9lg6HqJeY0

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

9/25/13 12:27 PM by Ramon Maroni

GSP should be #1

Daverr site profile image  

9/25/13 12:17 PM by Daverr

GSP Aldo Anderson Jones Cain Weidman Barao

Herman Munster site profile image  

9/25/13 11:59 AM by Herman Munster

Dana is starting to resent GSP.  Dana is still suttle about openly attacking him because he is his biggest draw, but any opportunity Dana has to take a shot at one of GSP's teammates such as Rory or Carmont Dana will not hesitate to do so.   Dana resents GSP for the following reasons. 1) Not cooperating with making an Anderson superfight ASAP and having Weidman come a long and pretty much derail plans 2) Dana likes to guarantee things such as superfights or fights between teammates.  Dana guarantees Rory vs GSP will happen, but Rory and GSP will not happen and these unfulfilled guarantees make Dana look consistently stupid to the public 3) his style, which is as long GSP brings in dollars Dana will put up with, but God forbid any teammate of GSP's has a somewhat boring fight and Dana will immediately pounce 4) GSP involving VADA in his next title fight. like Keith Kizer and the NSAC Dana has no interest in any enhanced standard of testing and does not appreciate GSP's attempts to clean up the sport. 5) Dana resents any fighter that starts to outgrow the UFC.  Dana knows he can't control GSP and make him jump to do things like many of his other company "yes men" who will happily do whatever Daddy Dana tells them to do.  Put it this way.  GSP won't be needing a post fight career hand out to take on a company "yes man" title like Punch Drunk Chuck or Farmer Matt.

46and2degrees site profile image  

9/25/13 10:15 AM by 46and2degrees

Those guys in their prime take Dana's list any day of the week.Half the guys fighting these days are all weight cheaters anyway. Igor with real MMA rules can not be beat.

sackattack3323 site profile image  

9/25/13 9:55 AM by sackattack3323

He still has a huge reach and huge height advantage. Jones weighs in at 204 this past weekend. So should Gus have to move to HW? He's taller and has longer reach than everyone. But why isn't he dominating everyone?

flipmode site profile image  

9/25/13 9:47 AM by flipmode

The same reason nobody gives a shit about Francis Carmont right now...

LucasBTiger site profile image  

9/25/13 9:15 AM by LucasBTiger

Dana's tryin to pick a fight 'tween these two...