Floyd Mayweather prays for Anderson Silva


Floyd Mayweather Jr. has artfuly conceived a public persona that people admire or find annoying, but no one ignores. Mixed martial arts finds a number of at least sometime detractors, including UFC president Dana White (who called FMJ a racist dummy, following remarks about NBA player Jeremy Lin) and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (who said "I no respect Mayweather," called him Poppa Smurf, and feigned to not recognize his name). 

However, Mayweather appeared recently on Sway's Universe, and offered consoling words for Silva.

"I pray for him," said Mayweather. "He's okay. I don't have nothing negative to say about the guy Anderson Silva. I've seen some highlights on him. I don't know him personally, but I've seen highlights of him fight, and hopefully he can bounce back. I heard he just took an ‘L,' so hopefully he can bounce back from that loss."

Thanks to MMAMania for the transcription.


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3 Sided Square site profile image  

9/28/13 7:33 AM by 3 Sided Square

I honestly doubt he views it as a "business" venture. Probably makes more money off college football on a Saturday than managing mma. I think he just wants to say he can and did.

Count Chocula site profile image  

9/28/13 3:32 AM by Count Chocula

now that he's going to get into the mma business he's suddenly a real sweetie pie towards mma. 

Fedoral Crime site profile image  

9/28/13 1:47 AM by Fedoral Crime

That stint in jail has done wonders for Floyd's public persona. He actually talks like he has a brain in his head now and doesn't go on like a complete douche all the time.Humble Floyd > Flashy Floyd Any type of Floyd is better than Gaydrien Boner. That dude is annoying as fuck whether its an act or not.

dermotfix site profile image  

9/28/13 1:13 AM by dermotfix

He should

AlexanderTheGOAT site profile image  

9/27/13 2:08 PM by AlexanderTheGOAT

I just watched earlier it was pretty good, Floyd raps in it too lol

JoeRogan420 site profile image  

9/27/13 1:51 PM by JoeRogan420

Can we get a timestamp for this video?I really don't want to sit through 30 minutes of nut hugging.

NukSooCow site profile image  

9/27/13 12:01 PM by NukSooCow

What incredible news.

DreamSTi site profile image  

9/27/13 11:56 AM by DreamSTi


smags site profile image  

9/27/13 11:54 AM by smags

And all was good in the universe.