Bisping suffers eye injury, out vs. Munoz. Machida in


ESPN's Brett Okamoto broke the unfortunate news - Michael Bisping, 34, suffered an eye injury, and has been forced to withdraw from a main-event bout against Mark Munoz on Oct. 26 in Manchester, England.

Bisping underwent eye surgery for a detached retina earlier this year following an inadvertent eye poke during his fight with Alan Belcher at UFC 159 on April 27. He underwent corrective surgery in June.

"We're going to get him the best treatment possible," said UFC president Dana White. "Hopefully he'll be able to get through this thing."

The new injury is to the same eye.

Bisping's manager toldAriel Helwani that corrective surgery won't be necessary, but the Count expects to be sidelined for at least five to six months.

Bisping will be replaced vs. Munoz by former UFC lightheavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, who is dropping down to middleweight. Machida had been scheduled to fight Tim Kennedy on Nov. 6, who responded glumly to the news.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
•I want @lyotomachidafw to know that he broke my heart.... :-(
•Mr. @RichFranklin I'm not sure if you have plans Nov 6th? I just got stood up on for a date, and now need someone else to step in... ;-)

No replacement for Kennedy has been named yet.

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Count Chocula site profile image  

9/29/13 7:40 PM by Count Chocula


MattyECB site profile image  

9/29/13 8:12 AM by MattyECB

I gotta say though, I do find it funny Munoz is claiming Machida's never fought someone like him before...A wrestleboxer (Couture)...with mediocre standup (Bader)...,but incredible power in his strikes and GnP (Hendo)...which leads him to occasionally lose himself and get caught in standup wars where he's under-gunned (Rashad)...Yep, Munoz is a new breed. Having said that, I do love this fight, I love both fighters a ton, and I'm hoping Machida fights aggressive and gives Munoz some room to get the TD. No matter how much Lyoto is winning by, as long as Munoz is conscious, I'll be half expecting him to drag down Machida and have a chance at wrecking via GnP

MattyECB site profile image  

9/29/13 8:08 AM by MattyECB

...Aaaaaaand now Bisping has a detached retina :)I'm sure he's just faking it like Belcher lol

MattyECB site profile image  

9/29/13 8:07 AM by MattyECB

Can't believe no one posted this gif yet,'d appreciate any help from a buddy blue-namer)So in case anyone has forgotten, Bisping fought a man, Belcher, who was rebounding off a career-ending detached retina and almost went blind....Accidentally stabs him in the eye so badly he's bleeding out of it like that rapist-sergeant at the end of 28 days later...Immediately starts mocking him and making tears-in-my-eyes faces...Then claims Belcher faked the injury to find a way out of the fight, a completely unnecessary accusation considering Bisping got the stupid win by default even though he fouled the fuck outta Belcher (he was completely dominating the fight however)

Jaybrone site profile image  

9/28/13 4:36 PM by Jaybrone

Munoz's legs look huge there.

Jaybrone site profile image  

9/28/13 4:34 PM by Jaybrone

NOOO!!!! Now we get to see "ellusive Machida' against a dangerous wrestler with power. I was hoping to see Munoz go donkey kong on Bisping again.

epwar site profile image  

9/28/13 2:21 PM by epwar

Worked out great, look at all the vote ups I got for it.

epwar site profile image  

9/28/13 2:20 PM by epwar

I hate the UFC?  LOL.  I love watching the UFC, hate the bullshit politics though.

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9/28/13 12:25 PM by DanteHec


Frames4Life site profile image  

9/28/13 12:23 PM by Frames4Life

You played your typo card already which leaves you only one move , here I'll save you the trouble... Frames4LifeMember since : blah/blah/2013Checkmate fuck face, take the night off.