Tim Kennedy calls out entire middleweight division+


When Michael Bisping injured his eye, Lyoto Machida was pulled from his fight with Tim Kennedy as a replacement vs. Mark Munoz.

That left Kennedy without a dance partner, so he did what any normal person would do, took to Twitter and called out the entire division.

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
•I want @lyotomachidafw to know that he broke my heart.... :-(
•Dear @UFC middleweights, I have lost another opponent. Would someone please step up & fight me at Fight For The Troops 3. Pretty please! TK

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
Mr. @RichFranklin I'm not sure if you have plans Nov 6th? I just got stood up on for a date, and now need someone else to step in... ;-)

Franklin, who has said he wants one last fight, did not reply.

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
Hey @ChrisCamozzi I think you have bad hair, and should fight me in defense if your stylist. (My best attempt at picking a fight)

Chris Camozzi @ChrisCamozzi
@TimKennedyMMA how dare you talk about my hair!!! That's crossing the line bro! I'm always available

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
So @danawhite this is what happened. I made fun of @ChrisCamozzi 's hair. He got mad... So to settle things we decided to fight!

Chris Camozzi @ChrisCamozzi
@TimKennedyMMA is in, I'm in, let's get this signed @danawhite @ufc . I'm here to fight everyone.

Then even the fans got in on the act.

Shaun Ryan ‏@Roundy_13 12h
@TimKennedyMMA v @BrianStann Come out of retirement for the fans, for the UFC, and for the United States of America!

Brian Stann ‏@BrianStann
@Roundy_13 @TimKennedyMMA sorry, nothing to gain from fighting a friend, fellow vet on a military base

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
•Hey @CungLe185 You vs me main-event at @ufc Fight For The Troops 3. I would also like to point out that you are old.
•I have serious doubts that @CungLe185 is a good driver.

Cung Le ‏@CungLe185
You might be right Tim. Good thing I won't be the worse driver in China

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
Yo @mousasi_mma I'm not exactly sure where Leiden is, but I want to put you in a "Dutch oven". (See what I did there). Let's fight over it.

Andy Anderson ‏@AndyAndersonBJJ
@TimKennedyMMA @mookiealexander @mousasi_mma that's kinda gross...he could get pinkeye

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
All @ufc fighters, This is the dude that you are all too scared to fight.

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
Hey @Alistairovereem You vs me (catch weight) Nov 6th at @ufc Fight For The Troops 3. Winner gets a lifetime supply of horse meat. Tim k

So who do you want to see Kennedy fight next?


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Recent Comments »

Chris Leben is a Zombie site profile image  

9/30/13 6:47 AM by Chris Leben is a Zombie

Because its the UG and they find a reason to complain about almost everything? The guy has called out an entire division in a playful manner hoping to stay on a "Fight for the Troops" card.Huge respect and props for Kennedy.

CaptainAhab site profile image  

9/30/13 6:22 AM by CaptainAhab

I don't get the hate. The man wants to fight. The man is willing to fight anyone. What's to hate?

TheBoognish site profile image  

9/30/13 1:06 AM by TheBoognish

Oh I guess that was already brought up. I should have assumed the UG would point that out quickly.My point about the Jacare hype remains.

TheBoognish site profile image  

9/30/13 1:04 AM by TheBoognish

Like when the fought to a close decision last time? Not a Kennedy fan but the Jacare hype is getting carried away.

Count Chocula site profile image  

9/30/13 12:28 AM by Count Chocula

i wish he didn't have a camera

dontcracktheegg site profile image  

9/30/13 12:06 AM by dontcracktheegg

Grinding grappling style, no mike skills and never beating the top tier guys in the division, say hello to the new Okami.

NMEofMan site profile image  

9/29/13 11:55 PM by NMEofMan

What about Rockhold? If I remember correctly the first fight was good. Why not a rematch? A chance for revenge or to avenge?

FinestScotch site profile image  

9/29/13 11:49 PM by FinestScotch

I dunno. I don't really love watching Kennedy fight, but I'm down for guys who are good to fight anyone.

BernardHopkins site profile image  

9/29/13 9:28 PM by BernardHopkins

"Then again, I always am about 8 cocktails in when we get to the main event." lol same here the whole time leading up to the gustaffson/jones fight i kept thinking how b.s. it is that Vitor KOd gustaf with a headkick and UFC still gave him the title shot was talking to a friend during the fight and said "man i cant believe vitor KOd this guy...if they rematch he's gonna whoop vitors ass" friend "i didnt know they fought" alcohol turns gustaffson into rockhold apparently.

gokudamus stole my name iv site profile image  

9/29/13 8:39 PM by gokudamus stole my name iv

They fought already and Jacare won an uneventful 5-round decision without ever having Tim in trouble if I recall correctly.