Bisping 'devastated' by redetached retina


Michael "The Count" Bisping appeared on Monday's episode of The MMA Hour, and detailed the eye injury that derailed his Manchester homecoming that was four years in the waiting.

"They said, ‘Yep, your retina is re-detached," said The Count. "Obviously I couldn't believe it. They said we need to operate ASAP. And I said, ‘Well I'm still fighting in four weeks, so you can't operate. Simple as that.' They said, 'You can't do that. You'll go blind.' I said, ‘I've got to fight in four weeks. Thousands of people have bought tickets, they're expecting me there.'"

Finally, at Bisping's insistence, doctors elected to take an alternative route.

Doctors surmised that they would be able to temporarily repair Bisping's eye by re-performing the surgery to attach the retina, then re-injecting the gel they had, in hindsight, taken out too soon. If successful, Bisping would regain portions of his vision and be free to fight in Manchester, albeit far from 100-percent.

However, during the second surgery, surgeons discovered an influx of scar tissue that had developed around the damaged retina. As a result, they were not only forced to cut away the scar tissue, but also remove a piece of Bisping's retina as well.

When Bisping awoke from under the knife, he learned the situation was far more dire than first expected. Best case scenario, it'd be at least three months before Bisping could even begin to think about exercising. Worse case, his career might be over.

"I was devastated... I was just completely in shock. This is who I am. This is what I do. It defines who I am as a person."

Luckily, doctors have since been encouraged by what they've seen from Bisping's recovery.

Now, under an exercise embargo for the foreseeable future, Bisping is confined to slow mountain hikes intertwined between frustrating days of inactivity. Nonetheless, the 34-year-old vows to clear this hurdle and come back stronger in 2014.

"To everyone involved in the fight, I whole heartedly apologize."

"As long as [my eye] heals well and I don't develop more scar tissue, it should be fine. I should be able to fight, but I've just got to take it easy. In hindsight, I was guilty of pushing it too far, too much too soon."

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RedDragonUK site profile image  

10/2/13 9:24 AM by RedDragonUK

Wow some evil bastards on here saying he deserves it. Fuck off idiots we dont need your kind in our sport.I hope Bisping and any other fighter with this kind of injury heals up and gets to fight again.

esque site profile image  

10/1/13 5:48 PM by esque

I enjoy Bisping. Honestly didn't think this injury would be threatening his career. Fingers crossed.

1 2 3 ACE site profile image  

10/1/13 5:44 PM by 1 2 3 ACE

Some utter cunts in this thread. And just to top it off, they keep referring to 'karma'.. fucking hell. It speaks volumes. All the best, Mike.

ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun site profile image  

10/1/13 5:13 PM by ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun

I don't like seeing anyones career end like this, but if it HAD to be someone, it's hard to think of anyone I would prefer it to have been. I hope he doesn't go blind but his career in the UFC is over. They can't be liable for his sight and subject themselves to the backlash they would face if they allowed him to fight and something happened to his eye. I hope the UFC takes care of him in some way, maybe a cool eye patch or something

CaptainAhab site profile image  

10/1/13 4:56 PM by CaptainAhab

Say what you want about Bisping - and obviously he's been abrasive in the past - there has probably never been a harder working or better conditioned fighter in the UFC. And he gives no quarter and takes no quarter.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

10/1/13 1:54 PM by ChaosOverkill

just working on DJ'ing in the meanwhile. You'll be back

3rdLion site profile image  

10/1/13 1:51 PM by 3rdLion

Belcher poked him first in the fight which actually detached Bisping's retina. Mike has to have two surgeries after the fight, Belcher had none despite the fight ending.

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

10/1/13 12:36 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Agreed.Lol at these clowns wishing blindness on a fighter.I see there's no Mods around as per usual....

Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

10/1/13 11:55 AM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

Voted up. Jorge and his camp were looking for a reaction and he got what he deserved

Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

10/1/13 11:36 AM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

Yeah because Jorge Rivera was soo innocent leading up to that fight