Jessamyn Duke blogs about Team Tate bullying


In her latest blog, Team Rousey's Jessamyn Duke who charged various members of Team Tate with bullying behavior.

As you saw on this episode Team Tate pulled off what they referred to as a “prank,” where they left a figurine of The Count with a coupon for an eyebrow wax in our locker room and wrote Edmond’s name on it. Honestly, it turned my stomach. That’s not a prank; it’s an unwarranted personal attack on Coach Edmond. Pranks are supposed to be mindless and funny. That wasn’t funny or tasteful. It was hurtful and mean and what I expect from high school bullies. What a horrible example to be setting; that making fun of someone’s appearance is funny and OK. We heard that it was Dennis Hallman who did that, but if you see the episode, Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway were involved. It was just stupid and I would hope that anyone watching the show sees the difference from pranking and bullying.

Obviously, we didn’t show Edmond, because it would have enraged him. Team Tate was just trying to get him kicked off the show and get him off focus. He was really important to our team because even though Ronda was the head coach, Edmond really ran the practices and was our main strategist. Plus, Ronda had already told Dana White that we would knock off the bulls---, so we didn’t respond. Team Tate really took advantage of the fact that we were going to stand by our word to Dana, and as a result, really tried to bully us.

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Ice Cold Igors Right Hand site profile image  

10/7/13 8:49 PM by Ice Cold Igors Right Hand

It works both ways.

Atkinson site profile image  

10/7/13 8:44 PM by Atkinson

I agree.. The hypocrisy of Team Rousey calling this bullying is astounding.

In Limbo site profile image  

10/6/13 8:26 PM by In Limbo

im guessing Edmund was mad dogging Hallman for TKOing his boy Karo?     man, what a subconscious dicktuck by edmund when he said "you are calling me out bc you know ill get kicked off the show"   would have loved to see Hallman wipe the floor with that guy

Ice Cold Igors Right Hand site profile image  

10/6/13 5:41 PM by Ice Cold Igors Right Hand


Vader03 site profile image  

10/6/13 4:45 PM by Vader03


bazza76 site profile image  

10/6/13 4:10 PM by bazza76


bazza76 site profile image  

10/6/13 4:07 PM by bazza76

that kind of stuff and worse went on in other seasons. This is just a response from team Rowdy trying to take the focus off themselves being bullies. Seriously, we are all now to get uber offended now if someone takes the piss over your eyebrows?

Internettufguy site profile image  

10/6/13 3:53 PM by Internettufguy

I liked Jessamyn before this show. Now it appears that Ronda's whiny attitude is rubbing off on her.

CaptChaos site profile image  

10/6/13 2:46 PM by CaptChaos

Jessamine... If you're reading this... Ronda (right from the start) acted like a bully when she barged into the training facility and demanded the other team leave ASAP cause they went over their time. That's a dick move. Edmond is a dick too. It doesn't take a genius to figu that out. A little figurine is a small innocent joke. Lets face it they didn't show Edmond cause Edmond would have acted like a Dick... AGAIN. Relax Hun! It's really not a big deal. If anyone's a Bully it's Ronda. She has made hat quite clear!

Poet of Gore site profile image  

10/5/13 12:51 PM by Poet of Gore

yes. please look up "career of howard stern"