THQ sues EA and ZUFFA over UFC video game


Defunct video game manufacturer THQ is suing EArch&phrase=UFC" class="Newslink">UFC parent company ZUFFA and former rival Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA) over the UFC Undisputed video game.

THQ originally developed the UFC Undisputed game, and it sold well. However, unrelated shortcomings in the company meant the game could not be developed further, and so THQ and ZUFFA entered into negotiation of ZUFFA to acquire full rights to the game, for a reported $10,000,000.

However, THQ claims that the UFC received information from rival EA abotu the poor state of THQ's finances, gleaned when EA was considering purchasing THQ. THQ claims that they were thus hamstrung in the negotation, and that the actual value of the UFC game rights was $20,000,000.

The central premise of the suit is that the UFC learned about THQ's precarious financial position from THQ, which should not have divulged the information. However, THQ's poor finances at the time were widely known.

EA developed EA Sports MMA, but was unsuccessful without the UFC's roster. EA is set to unveil a new UFC game, “EA Sports UFC” this spring.

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slamming site profile image  

10/9/13 4:55 AM by slamming

Why would EA need to use inside information to acquire the rights? It wasn't exactly a secret that THQ was struggling financially. Perhaps the amount they were able to acquire them for?

Sleazy Martinez site profile image  

10/9/13 4:25 AM by Sleazy Martinez

From clips I've saw of the 2k WWE game it looks horrible. Looks like it's running on a last gen console.

Dawggy site profile image  

10/8/13 11:57 PM by Dawggy

Hopefully this doesn't impede the release of ea ufc. Funny how THQ went bankrupt, yet can afford lawyer fees.

Pessimist_Pete site profile image  

10/8/13 11:19 PM by Pessimist_Pete

Zuffa can't interfere with its own contract. Zuffa will be dismissed. EA will settle cheap. Nothing to see here. Move along.

UGPTT_Rear Naked Chode site profile image  

10/8/13 11:09 PM by UGPTT_Rear Naked Chode

Hopefully they combine thq's striking with ea's submissions.

Caught_clean site profile image  

10/8/13 10:29 PM by Caught_clean

EA won worst company in America in a poll for a reason. THQ is trash but EA is scum of a company, but probably necessary to make a decent MMA game sadly.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

10/8/13 10:21 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

Undisputed is infinitely better than ea mma.

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

10/8/13 9:25 PM by MisterHawkeMMA

Sounds to me like a bankrupt company saying what it can to try and steal $10M. Can't be mad at them for that. I'd tell a lie for $10M. But the fact of the matter is that every one knew that THQ was broke well before UFC made their move. Sucks that EA didn't take over the WWE license as well. Hopefully 2K can get that game to where it should be. Yukes garbage asses have made it almost unplayable.

Chromium site profile image  

10/8/13 5:01 PM by Chromium

It seems the crux of their argument is tortious interference (contract interference) and they are claiming EA divulged THQ's finances to the UFC to help expedite the UFC cutting THQ loose. So basically they are trying to prove that EA divulged contractual secrets to the UFC to convince them at a company everyone knew was dying was dying. Yeah, that'll go over well. Maybe THQ is trying for some setlement money to make them go away, but assuming there really isn't something more to this, I'd think that EA would simply tell them to fuck off. And I don't see how the UFC are even culpable. I don't see how Zuffa even inadvertantly would have committed tortious interference. A company that probably has mutiple contract lawyers on retainer to draw up their fighters contracts and whose upper-echelon know exactly where the law begins and ends on that sort of thing is not going to fuck up on accident, and again it doesn't seem like they had any reason to do so here. I'd also think THQ couldn't possibly think this would work if they have nothing to go on so maybe this protracts their own bankruptcy proceedings in a way that benefits them even if the lawsuit fails. Or maybe they're just run by very stupid people (in my experience CEOs are mostly promoted based on height and their ability at golf and not on competence).  

Choochy site profile image  

10/8/13 2:17 PM by Choochy