Bisping posts eye injury


Michael Bisping was scheduled to fight in a main event in his home country, something every athlete would love to do. However, an eye injury recently forced him out of a bout with Mark Munoz. Today Bisping posted a picture of that injury to show his fans how serious it was:

Words cannot describe how sad I am having to withdraw from my fight. My sincere apologies to evry1 who bought tickets. I will be back soon. I apologise to the UFC, to Munoz and to everyone who bought tickets.

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Aaron Becker site profile image  

10/9/13 9:21 AM by Aaron Becker

I never really cared much for Bisping when he first came into the ufc but over the last few years he has grown on me and I really hope he comes back earns his title shot

Old Thrashbarg site profile image  

10/9/13 9:15 AM by Old Thrashbarg

He looks like sling blade. French fried potaters. Mm hmm. Hope the best for his career and his family.

bekk46 site profile image  

10/9/13 9:11 AM by bekk46

You dont need to be ko'd to see that regular sparring and training can damage sensitive sensory machinery. I wonder why his retina detatched twice now. Maybe just maybe its from taking hard punches on a regular basis.Are you 12? Dont call me names, im only offering my opinion. Never in my life has anyone called me an idiot for my pov in person, and i guarantee your skinny ass wouldnt be the first.

BubblesNS site profile image  

10/9/13 7:21 AM by BubblesNS

Glad to see mostly positive posts here. Heal up count!

Fabes site profile image  

10/9/13 6:57 AM by Fabes

Heal up soon Count!

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

10/9/13 6:36 AM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Violently concussed on a regular basis would be Pat Barry, Frank Mir, or Stefan Struve. Bisping has been out cold once, 4 years ago. He's 6-2 in his last 8. You're an idiot

Jone2tone site profile image  

10/9/13 6:34 AM by Jone2tone

Whose eye may have been messed up again by...?Personally, I hope Bisoing recovers, but if I were Belcher, I'd believe in karma at this point.

Evzey site profile image  

10/9/13 6:20 AM by Evzey

How many times has Bisping been KO'd hardly happens every fight Henri n Vitor have serious lower that have KOd HWs

DyldoWilly site profile image  

10/9/13 5:46 AM by DyldoWilly

Bisping will fight and go blind if need be, oh he'll be back boy will he be back!

91W209 site profile image  

10/9/13 2:24 AM by 91W209

Damn. That looks pretty bad. Hope dude recovers well.