Fedor: I never signed with the UFC because Dana White hated me


Speaking through a translator, former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko revealed to WHOA! TV this weekend as to one of the reasons we never saw him grace the Octagon. Although UFC president Dana White once called his mission to sign the MMA legend an "obsession," Emelianenko now claims he's precisely the reason it never happened.

"In my opinion, everything was in Dana White's hands,' says Emelianenko. "Because at that moment, I just felt like 'this guy, he just hates us.' Like, personally to [me]. There were insults coming from Dana White all the time. There were many very loud things said, but for real nothing happened. It was [all talk]."

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Acidic site profile image  

10/19/13 3:14 PM by Acidic

I dont understand how some of you dont see the big picture. It was both sides that played a role in it not working.It takes two to make things work. If both sides didnt come to terms and there is no factual numbers out there then. We can only go by what we know and that is, both parties are at fault.Dana has a giant ego that never ever gets backed up. Fedor has little to no ego issues and works off of respect. Two completely different people.

Fox censored my Chael screen name site profile image  

10/19/13 3:07 PM by Fox censored my Chael screen name

After Fedor was Rings Champion, While Fedor was Pride champion, Fedor Emelianenkos car of choice, was   Of course they had paid Fedor money to be doing commercials for Mercedez Benz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v2H1zQpQg0   But when you realize what the mma landscape was in early 2000's, how very little job security there was, how little money there was. Guaranteed money was non existent, Fedor ended up surpassing any goals he thought could have been accomplished.  The man was paid far beyond his means, far beyond anything he thought he would be paid.  Russia is a different country with a very different mindset than America and other countries. Most people get money and they want more and are never satisfied.  Fedor isn't one of those people. He grew up extremely poor, and to be as successfull as he was as long as he did, is truly an example of just how great he was to be that good for so long, long after his and his family's financial well being was taken care of.

georgejonesjr site profile image  

10/19/13 8:38 AM by georgejonesjr

I think its pretty hilarious to think it has to be defended at all.Everyone chooses their job depending on what they think is best for them and their family. Sometimes the decision turns out very good (like turning down the huge player IBM in 1980 to work for the tiny start-up Microsoft), sometimes it turns out bad (turning down IBM in 1980 to work for the 99% of start-ups which went nowhere).But to think the guy trying to choose who to work for has to defend that choice to people who don't know them is just silly.Fedor made his choice, he and his family are the ones who have to live with it. From all accounts he's very well off, so I don't think it turned out badly for him at all - his decisions have done better for him than most people's will for them. Not necessarily the optimal decision, but still very good.

JetSetter site profile image  

10/18/13 11:09 PM by JetSetter

To see some of you guys defending Fedor and his camps decision to not sign with the UFC is hilarious

rockyrocks90 site profile image  

10/18/13 10:40 PM by rockyrocks90

But couldnt he of brought recognition to Russian MMA to the forefront better if he took the UFC deal, became champ, then reinvest the money he made into M1 in order to promote shows in the US or other European countries. He could have promoted M1 as Fedor's organization bringing tons of fans to venues in the US and to the TV screen. It may not be about "the money" but he could use the extra money to promote his own personal goals such as building churches, promoting M1 whatever he wanted to do really.

hackett site profile image  

10/18/13 4:28 PM by hackett

I read posts like this and I wonder if the folks who type them have ever even heard a Fedor interview. If you think about it, and are familiar with Fedor, it's easy to see why the ability to co-promote with M1 was such a big thing -- it brought a Russian MMA organization a huge amount of recognition. People just can't understand that this was a humble guy motivated by his patriotism and religion. He never called himself the best in the world and never was all that motivated by money.  TH

time traveling 12er site profile image  

10/18/13 4:25 PM by time traveling 12er

If it was all on Dana then why did they still not sign the two times Fertitta personally tried to get Fedor signed?It's not mystery why this didn't happen. Fedor and his people wanted more than the UFC was willing to give. Whether that was co-promotion, a stadium, a gold plated jet, or if the UFC tried to lowball him. Whatever the details may have been, that was the bottom line. The one thing I have no doubt on is that he subsequently took less to fight elsewhere.

Fox censored my Chael screen name site profile image  

10/18/13 4:14 PM by Fox censored my Chael screen name

ThinkMma-I meant what I said, and I'm not going to edit that post.   There is a poster who previously a couple years ago I did confuse your screen name with his, but I didn't make that mistake this time.   thinkINmma is someone who is not you and an avid fedor discreditor. Maybe not to the level of the other guys I mentioned, but he's worthy of being mentioned in that group.   You're the good thinkmma. To remember, I tell myself "thinkin mma" is not correct, so that is the bad one, and "think mma" is correct, and you're the good one.

ThinkMMA site profile image  

10/18/13 3:19 PM by ThinkMMA

Fuck all those people on that list. I'm still waiting to see where I've talked shit about Fedor.

RockyBullwinkle site profile image  

10/17/13 12:38 AM by RockyBullwinkle

How do you come to that conclusion. What are you basing that number on?