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Latest blog with random videos from the last several months. For those that are team rowdy - thank you for the support its always appreciated :):):) For those spending their time writing comments hating - thank you for devoting so much time watching my videos and debating about my actions on the internet, love or hate me you must admit i've influenced you ;)


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BravoPUA site profile image  

10/16/13 12:58 AM by BravoPUA

How is this a vlog?

UFC151 site profile image  

10/15/13 11:00 PM by UFC151

Just 3 b*$%&@# hanging out. I'm used to watching videos where those ingredients are enough to create naughty possibilities. The dog is the most interesting one.

Ninja mon site profile image  

10/15/13 9:25 PM by Ninja mon

I'm not impress!

goldenboyart site profile image  

10/15/13 8:55 PM by goldenboyart

Not much to see here.

Darth_Vladar site profile image  

10/15/13 6:21 PM by Darth_Vladar

What did I just watch.

stonepony site profile image  

10/15/13 6:12 PM by stonepony

It is a Dogo, and looks to be part boxer. But no... If it was raised to live with a herd to protect, you would be wise to tread lightly in it's territory. The fact that it is neutered, reduces the chance it will attack an intruder by 90% already.But, big dogs don't. Unless you're talking about a dog raised on a chain and unsocialized (not a pet). It takes a lot of training to create an effective guard dog. People who buy big dogs like this, always raise them conditioning them not to attack people. If the homeowner isn't being physically attacked in the presence of the dog, the dog will prefer to the leave. Dogo, or pitbull, or Khangal, or a big Russian Caucasian, doesn't matter.Plenty of people have done the tests with various pet dogs of different breeds. Almost all dogs will hide from a home invader (if they're a properly raised pet). Small dogs will usually run and hide too, but they're more likely to bark.

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

10/15/13 5:53 PM by ALL DAY JAY

I believe that is a Dogo Argentino, son. That dog could snatch the life out of you in seconds. I would not bet my life on it, that is for sure.

stonepony site profile image  

10/15/13 5:32 PM by stonepony

Cute dog. Not a guard dog at all though. Most dogs that size will almost always just tuck their tail and hide from home invaders. Burglars generally just say hi and walk them to a closet or a bathroom (the dog is usually happy to go be locked in where it's safe).A tiny yappy kick-me dog is almost always a bigger deterrent.

jragg32 site profile image  

10/15/13 5:24 PM by jragg32