UFC 166 the greatest ever?


UFC 166 started off explosively, with all four of the four streamed prelim fights ending in the 1st or 2nd round, including a Submission of the Night Darse choke by Tony Ferguson over Mike Rio. The longest any of the three knockouts took was just 52 seconds into the second round.

The FOX Sports 1 prelim offered only one finish, and three decisions, two of them split, but the fights were excellent. Hector Lombard sucked weight until he bore a damn close resemblance to Skeletor, and proved he was a force at welterweight, knocking out Nate Marquardt in under two minutes.

And then things got wild.

John Dodson scored a lightning fast Knockout of the Night, that landed cleanly on a game Darrell Montagu, whose momentum carried him for a moment before he plummeted face first onto the mat. Next a mustachioed Gabriel Gonzaga showed the truly rare capacity to knock someone out while backing up, as Shawn Jordan fell in 93 seconds.

And then things got insane.

Gil Melendez and Diego Sanchez had a fight that words cannot do justice. If you saw the fight, you know. And if you missed it, you suck.

"Diego Sanchez has this heart that I've never seen before," said a stammering UFC president Dana White afterwards. "He's a maniac, he's a fighter at the core... I just can't put it into words what Diego Sanchez is."

Daniel Cormier then beat a durable Roy Nelson in a good if unspectacular fight.

And in the main event UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez beat Junior dos Santos relentlessly. Velasquez sometimes exchanged from a distance, and attemped over a dozen takedowns, but most often kept JDS pinned against the cage. While the Walll n Stall method is often not fan friendly, Velasquez employed a Wall n Maul attack that was summed up simply by dos Santos after the fight.

"He beat me up," said 'Cigano'. "That's it. He did a great job. Congratulations."

White was so overcome by the fights that he could barely get the words out.

"Everybody, all the guys, I know it's hard not to focus on Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez, but from the first fight of the night, all the fights that happened, everybody gave it 100%," said White. "The place was sold out, the crowd was into every fight … it was amazing."

"Without a doubt the greatest night of fight we have ever had. From the first fight of the night, right up to the Heavyweight championship, it's the best fight card we have ever had."

What do you think UG? Was that your favorite card ever?


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jonpall site profile image  

10/22/13 5:14 AM by jonpall

I wonder if people are mostly saying this because that event was unusually bloody? Are people just thirsty for blood or something? I've only seen bits and pieces of it and have yet to sit through the entire thing so I can't say for sure. Exciting and technical fights appeal to me - pure gore for the sake of it ... not so much.

redeye2000 site profile image  

10/22/13 4:56 AM by redeye2000

hahahahhahahahahahha this is a joke right? the greatest ever GTFO!pride bushido 9 is the best ever. and it was far better then this event.specially that main event, what a snoozefest was that.cage hugging................i see cage hugging everywhere!mendez vs sanchez was an incredible fight though. i give you that. defintly in the top100.but best event. best fight. give me a fucking break.shows how little dana actually knows or anybody else here for that matter that calls this event best ever.now if we had 10 fights like sanches vs melendez then i agree. but we didnt.watch pride bushido 9, it is the greatest mma event of all time. no wonder this world turns into a shithole when youhave people saying this UFc was best ever.does Dana want to invade mexico or something like that?

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

10/22/13 3:18 AM by FedorEmilioEstevez

Definitely. I watched it in a theatre and was jizzing all over the back row.

StretchPlum site profile image  

10/21/13 10:35 PM by StretchPlum

This will cheer you up. I was deleted for saying I thought it sucked.

hinrik site profile image  

10/21/13 7:06 PM by hinrik

right after i watched the event i was like, damn this must have been the best card ever. And i still believe it was and none of you negative fags will make me think differently. Just let people enjoy their moments and shut up for once

Forward site profile image  

10/21/13 6:36 PM by Forward

All pay-per view card fights were a one-sided fight.

MindBottling site profile image  

10/21/13 6:25 PM by MindBottling

Lol yup! Hilarious... and there was some dance off between two dudes. Funny stuff.

TheMessiah site profile image  

10/21/13 6:00 PM by TheMessiah

Did yall see the fight in the crowd behind yall? Should of gave those guys a bonus for fighting down the stairs.

caposa site profile image  

10/21/13 5:47 PM by caposa

It was an amazing event, but the hyperbole has to stop. Rogan calling Melendez-Sanchez the greatest fight of all time. Dana calling this event the greatest UFC event of all time. Ariel Helwani saying Jones-Gustafsson is the greatest of all time. The way they push these things on the post-fight shows is ridiculous. These fights/events JUST happened. Everyone gets caught up in the moment and WANTS to believe they just witnessed history. You did, but there's no need to exaggerate everything. Let's these things marinate for a while before proclaiming them the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.