Shamrock: I cried for 1st hour of sit down with Ken


Frank said the direction of the documentary changed several times and the original plan was not to build it around a conversation with Ken. But once he and Spike TV talked about doing a documentary based on his book,. "Uncaged: The Life of a Champion MMA Fighter," the discussions led to involving Ken.

"I wondered if we could get Ken. He's such a big part of my life story because martial arts is a big part of the story. Once we started conversations, he was weirdly receptive," Frank Shamrock said.

With hindsight, he also said he wasn't ready at all for what happened, including Ken outright calling him a coward to his face.

"No I wasn't (ready). I was totally caught off guard and I was very emotional about it. The whole thing was very painful. I'd forgotten how erect Ken is, and it blew me away. I think I started crying in the first two seconds. I just came to apologize. I know some of the things I did were wrong, not because I meant to be wrong, but because I didn't make the right decision at the time," Frank Shamrock said.

Frank admitted, in particular, that he should have attended his adopted father Bob Shamrock's funeral in 2010. Bob, who adopted Frank after he got out of Folsom prison for robbing a Taco Bell, had spoken few words to Frank since 1997, a conversation that lasted perhaps 20 seconds after the Ortiz fight, and one visit Frank made after Bob had suffered a heart attack in 2009.

"I cried for like the entire first hour," he said. "It's not good. That's why we don't have more footage."

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RoidsGracie site profile image  

10/24/13 3:05 PM by RoidsGracie

I thought Ken was going to come off as a raving lunatic in the documentary but he ended up appearing to be the better man. Ken straight up called Frank a coward for not having the courage to face up to his issues and having that be the reason for not letting their adoptive father go in peace.Also the fact that Frank Shamrock left his blood brother living homeless under the bridge with only a number for him to call (how's he going to make calls) left a bad taste in my mouth.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

10/24/13 12:04 PM by ranier wolfcastle

imo frank didnt go to the funeral  because he woulda had all the crying/anger  emotions he had on this show, and its just easier not to while not ready for it   so whyd he do the show? money and therapy he was finally ready for imo

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

10/24/13 11:58 AM by ChokeEmOut

I watched this yesterday, that was an excellent show. Ken and Frank do need to just go behind a closed door and throw down..Ken was 100% right in calling Frank out on the situation with Bob. WTF Frank was thinking I have no clue, Bob handed Frank the life he has today and that isn't even arguable.

THERE WAS A GLITCH IN THE MATRiX site profile image  


Frank is legend and deserves to be in the hall of fame. but he should have fought Belfort after UFC Brazil! They could have also brought in Royce or Bustamante. he could've waited for Bas to return. Mezger was actually calling him out later on. plenty of fights for him left in the UFC. then a couple years later in Pride, Wandy, Saku, Bas, etc.

MattyECB site profile image  

10/24/13 11:33 AM by MattyECB


MattyECB site profile image  

10/24/13 11:29 AM by MattyECB

Don't get into this stupid argument lol I've seen it too many times, especially around the time ppl had those silly UFC HOF argumentsI seriously dislike Frank as a person, and have pretty much always sided on BLAF's side or Ken's or really anyone else's side who's had beef with him...Having said that, you'd need to either be an idiot or ignorant to think Frank didn't cement his legacy. Not only is everything you said true, I think ppl forget UFC wasn't the be all end all that early on, but just in terms of how he changed the game, Frank's legacy is easily cemented.It's like how Militech's or Ken's records do nothing to capture their huge influence. Lion's den being the first legit MMA camp, Militech teaching a whole generation of champions, or in Frank's situation, perfecting the hybrid MMA fighter. That was a time when people were still so one-dimensional. You'd have Wand wrecking strikers, getting completely outwrestled by Tito, who in turn would get shitwrecked by Lidell's crazy looping punches because the guy was a literal anti-wrestler. Everything was so style-Vs.-style and Frank just had his shit down. The dude did pretty much everything he could've at the time, and then retired... No shame in thatThe shame came later with all the ridiculous fighting, saying how much he hates bullies or violent people, then finishing the tirade with a threat to beat BLAF's bald skull in lol

MattyECB site profile image  

10/24/13 11:22 AM by MattyECB

I should've read the thread first lol So it is a really intense doc. I'm gonna check it out ASAP

MattyECB site profile image  

10/24/13 11:21 AM by MattyECB

That's stupid not to take footage because of crying... The HBO documentary Smashing Machine almost made me tear up a few times, and there's nothing better than catching something raw on tape...When you really do feel like a voyeur, like you're seeing shit no one was ever meant to see -- drug usage, cheating, emotional breakdowns...etcHe shouldn't feel embarassed, you ignore your father and brother for your entire life and just push it deep deep down to forget about it... Well 20years, a broken relationship and a dead father later and you better believe some fucked up emotions are going to come out

jacktripper site profile image  

10/24/13 11:08 AM by jacktripper

How the fuck did miss this show

LittleJoeMama site profile image  

10/24/13 11:05 AM by LittleJoeMama

I enjoyed the doc but the dynamics of their relationship is very strange. Ken talks about Frank's "gorgeous" body and "long, black, SILKY hair". Now Frank is talking about how erect Ken is. Very strange.