Kaufman: Miesha playing it smart on TUF 18


BloodyElbow's Steph Daniels recently sat down with UFC women's bantamweight contender Sarah Kafman to discusses scoring, reclaiming losses & TUF 18. The interview comes after a controversial split decision loss to Jessica Eye at UFC 166.

I think that Miesha has come off very well for herself. This is not a slight to her, but I don't think she always comes off as the most sophisticated or professional person at times. She will retort and make statements without thinking about them, but here, I think that she's played it smart.

Ronda is very emotional and she does kind of have that bratty edge to her, where she says what she thinks all the time and seemingly takes offense to a lot of things. She's not coming off very professionally. She's coming off as a very young, almost teenaged girl, where she's actually 26 years old.

I know that a lot of pressure is being put on Ronda to live up to all the hype, and so far, I think that she's done it quite gracefully, but we're starting to see a little bit more of who she is as a person, and I think that it's not coming across as well as it could, for sure. She definitely has a lot of attitude.

As a coach, you're going to have people win and you're going to have people lose, and I don't think giving someone the finger or the cold shoulder or stomping out in front of them is the right way to deal with it. As the representation of the head of a team, you don't want your team members thinking that is good sportsmanship.

I'm not saying to make it into something that you're not, but there are certain things that I would never say outside of a close circle of friends. Some of those things, I do feel are quite juvenile. You're a coach and a title holder in the UFC. You need to grow up a little bit and pull up your socks; represent yourself however you want, but also so that people watching can respect you as a human being.

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Genghis84 site profile image  

10/29/13 8:57 PM by Genghis84

Can't say I feel bad for Kaufman getting screwed here. Sarah got a gift over Leslie Smith, and was completely opposed to a rematch afterwards. That decision likely cost Smith's chances to get signed by the UFC last April (despite her being better than half of the women in the division).

ssjbroly site profile image  

10/28/13 8:13 PM by ssjbroly

The stats clearly show Eye lost the second round.

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

10/28/13 8:08 PM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Hey, Sarah, I hate to see two fighters I really like to fight (such as you and Marloes, and you and Eye). I always get mixed feelings. You are always very articulate, and, like Marloes, a great ambassador for the sport.As to your last fight, I know I am minority here, but I gave rounds 1 and 2 to Eye, just barely. I gave round 2 to her based on damage, and I think she also controlled the clinch for the most part, but it was very, very close.I do agree that a judge scoring round 3 to her was completely crazy. I am sure that you will be a title contender in a couple of fights... and I hope you get to punch Ronda in the face, as promised the first time.Cheers!

Poet of Gore site profile image  

10/28/13 8:08 PM by Poet of Gore

dana "miesha, don't play pranks on count chocula and acting like 5 year olds"   dana "hey, ronda, how about you stop giving fingers and mean mugging all the time--oh that's the spot. now what was i saying?"   :P

ssjbroly site profile image  

10/28/13 7:44 PM by ssjbroly

Sarah I lost 50 bucks but you won that fight. The fact you lost because one judge gave her the third round makes it clear the correct score was 29-28 Sarah Kaufman.

guardbr8kr site profile image  

10/28/13 7:17 PM by guardbr8kr

every UFC champion should be a Canadian.

Vaginal Tear site profile image  

10/28/13 6:39 PM by Vaginal Tear

And I don't mean that as a dig at Sarah. I just mean that no matter what is said, Rhonda has been flawless in her career. Everything else aside that is what counts most.

CDarwin site profile image  

10/28/13 6:32 PM by CDarwin

Is it just me, or is Sarah insinuating Meisha's persona on TUF is great but fake? (Sarah, please feel free to chime in...)

Horace.P.McTitties site profile image  

10/28/13 6:23 PM by Horace.P.McTitties

Sarah Greatest ambassador for womens mma imo

dakotajudo site profile image  

10/28/13 6:21 PM by dakotajudo

+1 for "pull up your socks"